This is Me….

Thank you for showing up here.

Now that you’re here, lets grab some coffee and have a chat and get to know, “Me”.

Well, I am enthusiastic about life, we only have one, so why think twice about it! I grew up a lazy girl, who loved to read, read, and read. But now, I’m the opposite. I spend most of my time in a gym (it’s my happy place) and I keep trying out a lot of other crazy things.

Sometimes, i might not be as passionate or eager about life, and that is because of my Mood swings that I get thanks to this condition I have called PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and Insulin Resistance.

My life has been a constant battle around this. I even recently Joined a Lifestyle Challenge to see if they could help me with it. But alas, we are still on a trial and error stage, and as is typical of Insulin Sensitivity, weight loss was far from achievable.

But, I never give up. I believe if you fail at one thing, move on to the next, so you will find a lot of articles centered around Insulin Sensitivity and PCOS.

Apart from that, I promise to tell you about all my favourite things. All I need you to do is just keep reading…




6 thoughts on “This is Me….

  1. Oh and I was so excited readibg your comment, I forgot to mention… writing is my outlet. It helps me analyse and put things in perspective…. just like now…as i type this from my phone keyboard and I notice the time on top “5.20” (am) and I wonder to myself… how come I never heard any alarms… and as I write that I make the realiZation… my phone was on ” do not disturb” mode…..see what I mean!!! Lol…

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  2. Alia, I have been reading through some of your past posts, and I just want to say that I love the sense of humour you inject into all your posts! Thank you so much for contributing such meaningful discussions on my posts, and I hope to have many more wonderful conversations together. Best of luck on your journey towards health–inside and out 🙂

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