Being Me…

So, this is my third year here on this blog. I began with literally no idea of what I wanted, (except a real boring account of my fat loss journey) and then last year, things got a little crazy as I embarked upon this massive¬† journey of self-discovery, “Knowing me…’ .

What a mess. But then such journeys usually are…¬† You get thrown out of your comfort zone, things (and people) that you thought you would never lose end up disappearing, and you learn to do something you never fathomed you would / could : being at peace amidst all the chaos.

Although I am still on my journey towards where I am meant to be (which, lets face it no one really knows), I feel like I am in the right space for now…. where I can just “Be Me…”

But, you can only “Be” you, if you know who you are. And that’s an age old question that I’ve found difficult to answer: Who am I?

Well, late last year, I discovered by way of an interesting conversation, that I am a Multipotentialite. That made a lot of sense to me, because I never seemed to fit in any particular box. To give you a hint, I can describe myself as a Lightworker, a Reiki Master, an Energy Worker, a Medium, a Writer, an Artist. I love Hiking, Swimming, playing Tennis, Reading, Traveling. I’m an Empath. I’m also an Introvert (typical INFJ) but sometimes get mistaken for an Extrovert. I love food, Yoga, a great conversation, people in general, and enjoy alone time.

If you have been here long enough you have noticed that I can be humorous in one post, and then more introspective and reflective the next. I have no idea what my 2018 posts are going to be like, although I tend to be more committed to putting something down once in a while.

Hopefully I’ll be able to attract your interest and keep you here long enough till the end so we could discover 2018 together…

As always, I have outlined my expectations for 2018, but as always, I continue to say “Yes” to the Universe and live creatively, so, let’s just see what is laid out for me.

If you are new here, feel free to walk through some of my older posts in the various categories available.

I thoroughly enjoy responding to comments and interacting with you, so feel free to drop a line. Or two.

Here’s to 2018 – and to Creative Living…

Be Authentic. Be YOU