2018 so Far…

28th June, 2018

It’s the eve of the Strawberry full moon. Although this post will go up a week later, I thought tonight would be the perfect time to check in with myself, to revisit the Intentions that I had made at the beginning of the year, and to reset, reorganize and recharge my goals.

So as I prepare for the Full Moon Ritual later on, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how 2018 has panned out thus far…

Life… is not forever, but love is

The year began with the passing of my beloved Godfather. At the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December, I received news of his passing. However, there is not a single day that does not pass without me “feeling” or “sensing” him around me. I often find myself consulting him mentally for advice in sticky situations, and yes if you pay attention, you’ll here them respond.

I also lost my paternal grandma in February. I did not have a close relationship with her. But her passing taught me that no matter what kind of relationships you have with your family, check in. Life does not come with an expiry date, and death is sudden. The last thing you want to be left with on this earth, is regrets. Of any sort.

Tune In…

One of the Intentions I had made for 2018 was to “Tune In”. To check in with myself and become more aware of myself. By practicing self-awareness,  I awakened a deeper understanding of what was good for me and what was not. Quitting my job at the beginning of the year was an outcome of becoming more self-aware.

Tuning In also helps with developing a better trust for your gut feeling, aka – I.N.T.U.I.T.I.O.N. My trip to Morocco in February stands as the biggest testimony for this. If you followed my Morocco trip, you will know the whole trip was based on nothing but intuition. Your intuition is your best friend. Learn to trust it, and you will never go wrong.

(Right) Things fall in place, at the right time…

Remember the job interviews I have been going for since October of 2017? Well, I did not get that position. However, I did get another job offer from the same institute in April. It was a more dynamic job and to be honest, and less stressful. I think I would have sucked in the position I had originally been offered. So, in the end, things take time to work out, only so the right things can fall in place.

The past always returns, to test you…

My return to Mt. Kenya in May was plagued with disaster. I had no idea what I was setting myself up for and it honestly felt like sitting for an exam you were totally not prepared for. I thought I was over and done with all that was attached to my past relationship, but I was gravely mistaken. Not only did I had to deal with bad weather on a mountain and manage eight other people, I also had to re-experience, process and release all the emotions that were still tied to that relationship.

It was terrible, but what does not kill you, only makes you more of a BADASS! I learnt many things on that trip that only reaffirmed my decision was the best one – and instead of living in the past and mulling over losses, it was time to forgive and move forward.

Let go and go with the Flow…

And moving forward I am. With my intentions of building my Spiritual Practice, I have learnt to ask a very important question at all times, “What is this situation/person/moment/experience trying to teach me?”

There have been some profound Spiritual breakthroughs and growth this year. I began my mentorship with Kat Michaels and she is great! I have noticed a higher level of Maturity in me, especially when it comes to dealing with BS. I know what I want out of life, people and relationships, and I have managed to understand and instill boundaries now (something I had always lacked).

It has been a wonderful journey of Self-Discovery so far, and I still have a lot to learn and achieve. I look forward to every day with renewed curiosity. I continue to live  creatively, and speak my truth where I need to, even with myself.

Most importantly, I have learned, to let go, trust the universe and practice non-attachment to outcomes. Because in the end, everything happens exactly as it should and for your Highest Good.

As I prepare for the Full Moon tonight, here are some of the intentions I am setting for myself for the rest of the year.

 june 2

See you in the next one!


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