Serendipities of Life…

Serendipity… aaaahhhhh… the word that instantly brings a smile on my face. Not because of its definition, which having read naturally makes one smile….. but flashback to the 2001 movie starring John Cussak and Kate Beckinsale. Have any of you seen it?

The main message of the movie is “There are no Accidents”. Everything is timed and perfectly planned by fate…. or as the tagline of the movie goes…..

When love feels like magic, it is called destiny; when destiny has a sense of humor, it is serendipity

I have noticed, or rather come to realise that the more you say Yes to life, the more things come together.

It’s not ours to question, but to simple let destiny do its thing.. which is to join the dots, to make pieces of the puzzle (eventually) come together.

This year started off on a serendipitous note.

My resignation falling perfectly on time with my trip to Morocco which was a whole serendipitous affair on its own. Read how here.

Then the school job coming through just at the right time and then recently, while still dealing with ghosts from the past, a book (whose title honestly I had forgotten when requesting it) landed in my hands.

I cant help but think that although we all have our individual journeys set out for us, we humans of free will tend to sometimes go off-road. These subtle “serendipitys” come along to set us back on course and to appreciate that life, is indeed beautiful and there is indeed so much to smile about.

I have a feeling this is only the beginning. I am on my Spiritual Journey and there are so many small incidents everyday that catch me thinking about how all the dots are connected.

 I began my journey back in 2016 and once I began to let go and let the Universe take control, life has definitely changed for the better.

As I continue my journey and learning into my Spiritual development, I urge you to open your eyes and soul to Serendipity. Maybe what you seek, is also seeking you.



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