MyFinda Article: October 2017

What’s your Color, Babe?

If you have met me, you probably know me to be a very “bright and colorful” person. My daily wardrobe consists of varying hues of Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Blues (I love Blue by the way) and well, pretty much every color from the color wheel.

Most of us tend to stick to “power colors” when going to work – mostly solid black, navy, maybe nudes, and some days we are inclined to add a “pop” of color to our outfits. For me, it is not that simple. I tend to wear colors according to what resonates with my mood and feelings. And so some days I could show up at work in Orange, or Yellow, and when I’m really out of my element, maybe both. OK, the last part was a joke.

But have you ever thought to wonder why you feel inclined towards choosing one color over the other?

Here is a small insight into the association of colors with your feelings / emotions:


Red is a color of Self-awareness. It is a warm color that stimulates and energizes you, which means if you wake up feeling lethargic or tired, wearing red can add a boost. On a good day, if you are inclined to wear something red, it could be because you are feeling Courageous, Strong-Willed, stepping into a Leadership role, Determined, Confident and Spontaneous. However, some people tend to shy away from this color as it stands out as bringing up feelings of fear, ruthlessness, domination, aggression, danger and anger.


The color of Creativity stands out when worn and it is also associated with freedom. When you are feeling sociable, joyful, enthusiastic, independent you may be inclined to pick this colors or its supplementary hues. A color that symbolizes self-respect can be fun to dress up in. However, if you plan to focus on important tasks on hand, you may want to avoid wearing this color as it may distract you.


Yellow is closely related to your self-worth. This includes both how you see yourself and how you feel others perceive you. Also a warm color, it stimulates your intellect, ego and self- confidence. Wear Yellow if you are studying or need concentration.  If you walk into a room wearing Yellow, chances are people may see you to be one who is broad-minded, possessing good-humor, wise and logical. However, some may take this to mean that you are vindictive, cowardly or devious.


We all tend to associate Green with Nature. However, Green is also related to love, including Self-Love, your ability to give and take without conditions, and nurturing yourselves and others. Green is actually a Balancing color, commonly found at the center of the Color Wheel, and can be very helpful during times of stress. Generosity, Compassion, Sympathy, Harmony are some of the things that you may be looking for when inclined to pick something green. Although it is a color related with love, people may associate it with jealousy, miserly, indifference and lack of consideration.


Blue is a cool and calming color and is related to self-expression; not just the ability to being able to talk, but to speak your truth with purpose. Shades of Blue are most common choice of wardrobe when heading to a meeting, as it depicts trust and loyalty. If you are in a career that deals with people, this could be the most dominant color in your wardrobe. It could also mean that you are a very peaceful person. (Like me!). However, depending on the hue of blue, you could come across as being a very cold and unfaithful person.


I have a hard time identifying this color. It is a clever mix of blue and violet and can be confusing sometimes. Which is surprising to note especially when it is closely related to your intuition and perception. Indigo comes in handy when you feel off-balanced and cannot function fully. It is highly beneficial when pursuing deep meditation and introspection and when feeling fearless. It can however cause others to view you as an impractical and intolerant person.


Violet is another color which is considered cool and calming.  It is great when combatting stressful situations or when you are having difficulty sleeping (now we know why lavender and Violet are common choices of color for sleepwear). It is also associated with spirituality and when attaining spiritual awareness. Often linked to loyalty, you may feel like adorning this color when you feel a sense of power and superiority. But be careful it does not play on your concern for others.

A deeper connection to colors can be made when you consider the effects they have on our health and associated illnesses, but that’s a story for another day.

So the next time you reach out to pick a color, take a moment to think why you were inclined towards it in the first place.



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