Women who Hike – Kenya

Hey Everyone,

September has been a busy month and there has been so much happening that has kept me away from my Blog. I finally got some time to myself, and thought I’d grab the opportunity to tell you guys what has been keeping me away.

So, if you read my previous posts, you noticed I mentioned a new “initiative” that I and a close friend of mine came up with. On the 1st of September, we launched Women who Hike – Kenya. Here is a little info about it:

Final Color Logo..jpg

Women who Hike – Kenya is a community that brings together Women and Men who Hike, from all Walks of Life, Backgrounds, Geographies and Skill Levels. Our initiative is to Empower Women through Hiking.

We have all experienced that one time in life where we find ourselves depressed, stressed out or just simply all spent. It could be work related, the loss of a loved one, or a health issue. Maybe you are at a point where you lack self-confidence or simply feel defeated and lost for the moment. .

With all that is going on in our lives today, the only safe place to turn would be to Nature. Hiking is an exceptional way to bring together Women [and men] to let off some steam and be themselves – alone or as a group of fellow hikers.

There is just something about the act of hiking and being outdoors that opens the heart and lifts the soul. At Women who Hike – Kenya, we have created a community that empowers, unites and inspires women like you to reach great heights through Hiking not just on the mountains but in your lives as well. We provide a platform for you to share your experiences of Hiking and the feeling of empowerment you get when you conquer a mountain.

Trust us, there is no better feeling in the world than that of reaching the top of the mountain and looking down on the spectacular views below, and coming to the realization that through hiking, we have discovered ourselves and grown through resilience. By sharing our stories and your testimonies, we hope to Inspire more women (and men) to get outside. To bring out the beauty of the outdoors and to ENCOURAGE the independence in you. To EMPOWER you through nature, because in nature, you can be whoever you want to be.

As a Woman and a Hiker, you have the power to Inspire and Encourage other Women through your Story. If you would like to Share your Story, email us on: letshike@womenwhohike.africa.

In a  nutshell, instead of coming up with just another “Hiking Club” (and there are so many popping up every week) we decided to do things a little differently. I’ll share more on these ideas in follow up post.

So, yeah, we have been with the website design and development, setting up our social media pages and getting all the promo gear in; PLUS getting all the content ready for the website.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-20 at 4.17.20 PM

In my next WWH update I will include a link to the website so you can check it out and support us!

In the meanwhile, feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.




  1. Hiking alone is possible but hiking as a team and a group of different people is more fun and amazing where we support each other and achieve a goal as a team.. It defintely was an amazing hike.. Ndiuni Hills… A 1st time hiked by many of us.. And made it to the top. Thanks #WWH for this opportunity… Can’t wait for the next one…


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