MyFinda Article: September 2017

So, I got Published again. Here is the original article:


This happened during the election week. Just like everyone else, who was glued to their TV screens awaiting the results, I happened to be doing the same at a friend’s over a pizza party.

Everyone was engaged in some sort of election banter, when suddenly someone posed a question that caught everyone else’s attention and left us in deep contemplation. “What is the Purpose of all this?”

This set off an interesting round of conversations, where everyone voiced their opinions. Many asked what the purpose of anything was at all, which prompted me to go a little further and ask everyone in the room (there were five of us in total), “What is YOUR Purpose?”

Personally, I’ve often wondered if my purpose in life, well actually everyone’s, was simply finding out the meaning of this complex and mysterious concept we know as life. Sometimes I think that maybe there is a logical thought process that will unveil my purpose in life, but then I wonder if the key lies in spirituality.

Many people argue, “What is the point of having a Purpose? It is all about beliefs and theories which no one can prove, so why waste your time in your head thinking about something, when you could be doing something in reality?

I wonder how many of us live our lives in search of our purpose. Are you like me who always thought that surviving through a crisis or overcoming an obstacle would lead me to my purpose? Or maybe achieving my purpose was attaining that grade in College, or landing that amazing job or even buying my dream car?  Maybe my purpose still remains unfulfilled because I still haven’t travelled to all those countries on my bucket list or bought that mansion I always dreamt of.

How about you? Have you sat down to think about what your purpose in life is?

What if you were told that you fulfilled your purpose when you took a moment to greet that stranger in your office today? Or when you smiled at your watchman? Or when you called your mum or dad and spent 5 mins on the phone with them inquiring about their health?  Or when you paid the bill for someone who accidentally left their purse at home?

Our biggest problem is that we equate our Purpose with goal-based achievement. This is something we put more of our mind than our hearts into. If we put out more of kindness, compassion and love, I am sure we would become more aligned to our true purpose and will not have to seek this any further.

I would like to leave you with the inspiring words of Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder of Facebook, when asked about Purpose:

“Purpose is that feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself. Purpose is what creates true happiness”

So, what is your Purpose in Life?

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Thanks, Love and Light!




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