August, you’re (always) AMAZING…

If there are two months that I look forward to in a year, it’s April and August (and of course the 28th of March, which is my special day!). Anything life-changing and dramatic usually happens during these two months.

This year, August has been exceptional. So much has happened, that I had to filter out some of the events and just stick to the biggies so I do not end up spewing 10,000 words on this post.

I have tried to keep it as short as possible, but take note – it may be a little long!


August started off with Kenya holding it’s 5th General Elections on the 8th. There was a lot of apprehension and anxiety around this time as going by history, the results have always brought about Post Election Violence (as was the case in 2007 – 2008), a product of tribalism in Kenya. But it seems that Kenyans have woke up to the #onenation #onetribe notion and took the outcome of the results quite calmly. There were reports of rigging and a few unfortunate incidents that led to 23 people losing their lives, but on the whole it appears that Kenyans have progressed politically, and accepted the results for what they are.


I had my Master/Teacher Attunement this month and it has so far been an amazing experience. I cannot thank my Spirit Coach enough for suggesting I take up Reiki. It has really changed me for the better and there is so much opening up for me in terms of opportunities (AH). I am extremely grateful for the humbling experience.

I have also become quite inclined towards crystals and bought my first crystal Reiki Chakra Set and I am so excited to give it a try.

Getting Published

I always dreamt of being a writer. I have been writing since I was 11. But I never thought I would be asked to write for a publication and so it came as a big surprise when my article got published in the August Issue of MyFinda connects (you can click here to read the article) My second published article comes out in September. Keep it here to read all about it next month!


Getting Back to Drawing

August saw me dive back into my art. Although I am still far from being an artist, I am committed to working on at least one piece of art a week. My work is mostly color therapy, with moods and feelings setting the tone of colors and shapes,  and I am quite enjoying the process. It is still very abstract in nature and I cannot dream of venturing out of this for now. I found a lot of inspiration here from some great artists. Kudos to you all.

My God Father

This is a little personal but I felt like sharing it since it happened in August. My Godfather was diagnosed with 4th-stage tumor of the food pipe and stomach. Just like that. A result of a scan that was prompted because of the slight burning sensations he had in his chest and difficulty in swallowing. When he broke the news to me, he said it like he was complaining of the common cold – so calm and composed. He said he is taking each day as it comes. Which got me to think, how many of us actually live for the moment. Life is fragile and can get snuffed out when we least expect it. remind yourselves to live for the moment, no matter how good or bad it may be.

Getting Back to Hiking

On the 27th of August, I returned back to Longonot. My first Hike in months. It was a pretty emotional affair for me, as this time I went ALONE – no HM to shout which side is easier no pressure to show up for any Hiking Club Patrons. This was purely for me. It was painful – I’m still suffering with calf cramps – but I did this all ALONE! Not sure how I feel about it, but let’s see how it goes from here on out.


My August Gift


For the cherry on my August…

Ta Da!!!!

So as I had mentioned that August always leaves me with a life-changing experience, this year, just before it snuffed out, Women who Hike was Born. I don’t want to take away more of your reading time (this blog is already so long) but please check on this link from from 15th of September for more details. And of course, do click on the follow button to get more updates.

And that wraps up August for me. How has August been for you? Feel free to leave a comment below and please click on the follow button while you are here.

Thank you!



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