In other words “Green”which is what my next piece is all about.

I had prepped for this last weekend hoping to have it done peacefully over the weekend while enjoying the process.

Little did I know that I would be done with the actual painting in 30 minutes.

Well, its no stroke of genius there. I am still exploring the wet on wet technique and decided to add some (cheap and annoying) masking tape into the mix.

Result: Voila


I was barely home from work when this piece called for attention, which I gave it over a  rumbling stomach and a confused state of mind. The week at work has been crazy and I’m personally chuffed at the recent happenings so i guess my only form of expression was this canvas.

I didn’t get  chance to to capture the painting process as it was over quite fast. Once done I felt like I had betrayed the intended beauty of the piece and so resorted to compliment the paintwork by adding black “scallops” to it, which took me 3 hours to complete and ate into my plan for an early night.

Anyway, the deed is done now.

The choice of color was Green and Ochre representative of the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Green represents nature, love and balance between giving and taking. It is associated with properties such as understanding, harmony, love, jealousy, indifference.

Ochre (close to Yellow) represents self-worth and is closely linked to the intellect. It is associated with confidence, logic, inferiority, and being over-analytical.

With new developments happening (stay tuned to know more) I have been guilty of not focusing on my work. This has made me feel tensed at work and I had been literally scared of my weekly review meeting with my boss (which, by the way,  went absolutely okay).

Limited with shades, I used what I could and added filters for brightening up the colors. I hope you like it and   I look forward to your thoughts and comments.


I would also love for you to follow me on my blog and walk this journey with me

L & L


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