I Got Published…

A close friend of mine developed an mobile directory app for Kenya about a year ago, and not long after she came out with a publication, Myfinda Connects,  for the same.

A month ago, she asked if I would be interested in contributing lifestyle articles for the magazine, and I gave it a shot. Low and Behold!  Last evening, she sent me a snap of the article in print. This is so exciting for me. I’ve always dreamed of having  column feature in a magazine, and this might just be it!

I have to submit an article a month themed around lifestyle. If you were the reader of this publication (or any for that matter) what would be some of the non-conventional topics you would like to read up on lifestyle?

Follow this link for the August Issue of Myfinda Connects.

I have put the original text below the screen shots for you to read.  Let me know what you think!



In a world full of Kardashians and Tatums, everyone wants to fit in and look like their dream icon, which, mind you, is a good thing. Trying to look like your favorite star is a great way to get motivated to be “healthy”. With the world now emphasizing more than ever on health and fitness, we are all spoiled for choice with Diets such as Ketogenic, Paleo, Mediterranean, Fat-Free, etc and Fitness Trends such as Barre, Spin, TRX, HiiT, etc. We see Gyms popping up in every corner of the hood, and personal trainers are becoming the next best “things” to have.

This may force you to ask yourself, where are you in the race towards fitness? Should you be concerned with your current state of health?  Well, it all depends on what you are out to achieve. Are you out to lose a few pounds, train for Physique, or to battle a medical condition?  It goes without saying that to get to a healthy lifestyle, you will need a combination of Diet and Exercise.

However, how do you decide which is the best Diet or Fitness Regime for you?   The answer is simple: One which you can maintain for the longest time.

Being fit is not a destination. It is a life-long journey that requires you to make a long-term commitment to changing your lifestyle.

Yes, you may have a short-term fitness goals such as reaching an ideal weight or competing for the best physic, or even getting into a dress that does not fitting you that well anymore. But what happens then? Is this the end of your “Fitness journey”? Are you healthy enough to now throw caution to the wind and go back to your old ways?

A healthy lifestyle is about making necessary changes in your lifestyle, the benefits of which will last a lifetime. But the question is, with such a vast plethora of Diets and Fitness Regimes to choose from, which one is the best for you?

Personally, I would say, “None of them”.  Shocked? Well, as mentioned earlier, it’s all about your personal journey and what you want out of it. And what may “work’ for someone else may not work for you. And Diets are basically fads.

I’ll give you my example. I went from Atkins to Paleo to Zero Carbs to eating one meal a day in a bid to get to my “ideal weight” (I’m 5’8”). I got a gym membership, got a Personal Trainer, well two actually, and two years later, I was still at the same weight that I had started at. So, for me, a diet and a particular form of fitness just didn’t cut it.

It turned out that what actually cut it for me was eating 6 well balanced meals and following a fitness regime I actually enjoyed (Swimming and Hiking). I managed to lose 12kgs in a span of 8 months while still eating all the food that I enjoyed in moderation, and managed to maintain the weight two years down the line.

Fitness is all about making healthier choices when it comes to food. Diets really should not be about eating less, but eating right. Also, our bodies were designed for movement. If you are not into Gyms or High Impact Sports, make small subtle changes that will ensure you get some movement in your routine. Take a flight of stairs, dance as you do your daily chores, or simply go out into nature and take a breath of fresh air.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is your birth-right, and you get to define the norms of fitness for yourself. Here are a few rules to live by, that you could start putting into practice:

  1. Do at least one thing per day for your body, your mind, and your health.
  2. Be active for 30 minutes per day – do anything, just do it.
  3. Eat as many whole meals as you can as opposed to processed meals, but eat in moderation.
  4. Monitor what affects your energy and stick to that (kinds of foods, fitness activities, and well-being)
  5. Water! Drink up.
  6. Balance: some days you eat salads and go to the gym. Some days you eat 20 tacos and drink Margaritas. It’s called Balance.

Remember, Health and Fitness are a life-time goal. Make sure that whatever you decide to do, you can commit to it, and you actually enjoy it!



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