You’ve Gotta Be Kidding…

It’s 2.30am and I’m unable to sleep. I guess it’s because subconsciously, I am anxious. In less than 5 hours Kenya will have it’s next General Elections. Everyone is antsy about the possible recurrence of the 2017 Post Election Violence following the result of the polls. All we can do is hope and pray for a Free, Fair and Peaceful Election.

It’s also because it just dawned on me that it’s August (sorry, but I have been running around like a headless chicken last week to even notice when the month changed), and that means that we have just FOUR MONTHS to 2018! WTF!!!! (Where’d Time Fly!!!!).

This year has been so eventful, that is has left me gasping for breath at every turn. But it has also been the most beautiful year full of self-discovery and personal growth. There have been so many surprises thus far, and I am sure there will be more before we usher in 2018.

July was a busy month. As I sat down to list the “events” I was astounded to see that I managed to pack so much in in just 30 days. What was even more astounding was the personal growth that took place in such a short while.

For those of you who have been following me on my journey recall what a stressful time it has been for me, and the worst was towards the end of May. But as I look back and compare myself today, I can say with conviction, I’ve come a long way. And somehow I have a feeling, this is not where I am meant to stop at.

So, looking back at July, I went from conquering my fears through Zip lining, to completing two whole months of Therapy. From Graduating at Amani, to winning a ticket to Morocco. (AH).

I also managed to do a lot of self-reflection during the month of July and a few lessons stood out from the recent events in my life.

For one, the fact that I decided to take time-out really helped me put things into perspective. I’ve spent time working on my self internally, accepting the events and letting go of things that no longer serve me. Going for therapy and practicing a lot of Reiki has helped me come out of this traumatic phase in my life. It has not been easy, but here I am. Better and Stronger.

Through therapy, I was also able to set boundaries for myself. Something that I was NEVER able to do. It has helped with my anxiety and over-thinking as well and I have been able to better cope and manage with external influences better (if you are an empath, you will understand this).

I also learnt to EMBRACE. Whether it’s Change, Loss or Silence, just embrace it first then deal with it later. Sometimes you find that you may not even need to deal with it. When I walked away from Summit Seekers in May, I was dying with grief. I was anxious about losing my passion and options to hike, and losing everything that I worked so hard to build Summit Seekers into what it is today. This together with the impromptu end of a three year relationship with my partner and co-founder of Summit was just too much to deal with. I was lost. Burned to ashes. My life was literally over. But I chose to pick up the pieces and move on realizing that when you lose something, it is usually to make place for something better and not everyone who is part of your history is meant to be part of your destiny.

The fact that I am still writing about the break-up indicates that the scar is deep and it will take time to heal completely. And I am OK with that. Such is life. Shit Happens!

Anyway, August is a special month, and it always has a surprise in store. So I’m keeping my eyes pealed for that, as I plan for what lies ahead in the upcoming months.

And what lies ahead you may ask… plenty.

Top priority, I need to get my health back into gear. Since Ramadhan (and now the freezing winter) I have not engaged in any form of workouts (bless Cardio Pilates – I SWEAR never to miss a class again). I need to get my act together if I wanna keep the scale from tipping further into the danger zone!

Planning for Morocco. The ticket does have an expiry date you know and I need to get over there before it runs out. So, when to go? Where to Stay? How to travel? If anyone has an idea please leave a comment below.

Then of course, there is the Unfinished Business with Mt. Kilimanjaro! I really want to go back and summit and I was hoping I’d be able to do it before the end of the year. But looking at my level of physical fitness and lack of any Hiking since June, I need to start all over. Ah well! I’ve stopped worrying about things now. Thing’s will turn out as they are meant to and if it’s meant to it will happen. I’ve kept a goal for December. Let’s see.

And thus ended my July and begins my August. Pray thee tell me, what do you have lined up for these last FOUR MONTHS?


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