Playing with Color…

This was my first “attempt” at getting back to art.

The infusion of colors was actually an exercise to test the concentration of the water paint and how absorbent the paper is (sorry, I’ve forgotten the terminology for that).

As you can see the quality of the paint is very poor. It does not merge well and if I use a lot of water to blend the shades, the paper changes texture.

So, I used to be a big fan of mandalas and intricate patterns. Although this is not a full mandala, it started of as a segment and then grew into it’s own thing.


This took me a week to complete. I dedicated each day to a particular color that I felt drawn towards, and painted that in. In the end I put in the intricate design (something also I’ve lost touch with) and it was complete.

I know this looks like a giant kid’s piece of art, but I’m getting there!
Hope you like it.


PS: I’ve added filters to enhance the colors. In reality, everything is getting soaked up by the paint and looks dull.


5 thoughts on “Playing with Color…

  1. Thanks again…. I enjoy doing these simply because they offer a wonderful attraction… although this time round i had to go digging deep into my creative mind to recall the henna design styles….


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