Back to Art…

When I was back in school, I used to love art. I remember how my favourite weekend pastime used to be going over to the art store and shopping for art supplies. I used to love browsing through all the different shades of paints, taking in the smells and looking through art tools.

I recall my most used mediums of paint were Oils and Water paints. I had dabbled with Acrylics and chalk pastels too.

From what I recall, I was pretty good at art too but had to give it up because spending 20hrs on art prep didn’t make sense when you had subjects like geography, history, literature and economics that deserved more attention.

I continued to paint and draw after school, but then got to a point when I totally stopped.

Recently, I picked it up again as way of therapy. I came across a book that taught color therapy and how each color and its associated chakra influences us. It was while attempting the exercises that I decided to start paining again.

Well, I have definitely lost touch. I can barely draw a straight line,  and I don’t have any of my profession art brushes and paints with me. What I did hold on to was my Derwent Water Color Pencils, so I added really cheap and basic water colors and a brush to it and am working with these.


It’s crazy how expensive art supplies have become now. Almost 10 times the cost. So, I have decided to use the cheap paints and brushes for now until I get back to form.

My drawings are usually affected by my mood and state of mind. On some days I am drawn towards certain colors and shapes and I use a lot of these in my artwork.

I’ve decided to share these with you. Hope you like them.


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