I saw this abstract design on a lady crossing the street and I wanted to bring it onto paper and attempt it with two colors.

I was particularly drawn to red and orange, and although this was meant to be a solid paint color, I couldn’t help getting porous (is that the correct term?) So the shades of red and orange are varied.

Of late, I have been drawn towards shades of Red – Red, Orange Yellow.

These colors are associated with the Female Chakra Centers (Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus respectively).

Red is also the color of courage and strength. The color and it’s associated chakra are related closely with self awareness of the psycho-spiritual level. It’s no surprise that I seem to be drawn towards this shade given my current spiritual growth.

Orange is associated with creativity. This is something that I have been feeling a lot of lately, and that’s why resorted to art. It is a color that exudes self-confidence. Orange and its associated chakra are closely intertwined with self-respect and one’s boundaries. No surprise there!

The “animal” stripes (big fail) were actually put in later to fill up the white spaces which had become messy. Since I’m using a cheap fiber brush, the tip is not stiff enough to paint thin lines. And so, this came about.

Your thoughts?



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