How I (miraculously) graduated from Amani…

So remember that leadership and management for impact programme I mentioned at some point (yes, I know I was supposed to put down the modules, but still haven’t gotten around to doing it), well it came to an end.

The five months of intense learning came to an emotional close on the 29th of July with all aspirants of the first cohort presenting their Business Innovation Projects.

This was one of the most stressful graduations I had ever experienced. From the word go, when we were told about our Business Innovation Projects, I was in a state of total duress.

Being the Head of HR for Mr. Green, there were a lot of Innovating Projects that I could come up with, but it was impossible to put them down to practice. One because all other managers were taking on HR projects as part of their projects and two, I was involved with so many other aspects of work (Accounting, payroll and reconciliations for one) that I was unable to give enough attention to my project.

Also, currently as a start-up, we do not have an HR Structure in place. We are still establishing our cultures and processes. So, this actually ended up being my idea of my B.I.P.

So while my colleagues presented on Job Rotation, Ideal Leadership and Preventive Maintenance through Skill Sets at the Warehouse, I presented on Changing how we “Play” at Mr. Green.


I spoke about how the employee challenge at Mr Green was two fold, of how it was both a problem for the management as well as the employees and how we could “define” the kind of employee that we look for and create the “ideal environment” for such employees.

Although I did not have a prototype of my B.I.P to showcase, I still got to graduate with the rest. According to my batch mates, there were a lot of “take-aways” from my presentation as people were made to re-think how they has strategically placed their HR Departments and what role the HR department had. (either that or then I didn’t make any sense as I was rattling away in nervousness – I hate public speaking).

Anyhow, I still got to graduate with everyone else. And although I did not have a Prototype to showcase at the graduation, I am sure we will be implementing a few of my ideas at work SOON.

Here are a few moments from grad. Enjoy… (and I promise to put up the rest of the modules for you).


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