I’m going to Morocco…

I am soooooo excited about this one…

Two weeks ago there was a competition on a local radio station sponsored by Royal Air Maroc. The question was, if you won a free ticket, which country on your bucket list would you like to visit? I was stuck in traffic and decided to take part in the competition. My answer was “Morocco”. Last Friday, I received a call from the Radio Station announcing that I was the LUCKY WINNER of a RETURN AIR TICKET to MOROCCO.

If I was saying this to you instead of typing it out – it would have come out all in one breath! That’s how thrilled I am about this.

Morocco has always been on my bucket list. When I was in school, it was the gateway to the start of my Journey across the world. (Remind me to tell you about this some time).

I have been eyeing Morocco as a holiday destination for a long time. It’s on the same continent as me but the ticket costs more than that to the US! As a result, it always got pushed back. But, here it is! Finally!

Morocco, a country rich with history and a “magical crossroads of culture and language”, has an amazing varied geography – from azure waters of the Mediterranean to the magnificent peaks of the Atlas Mountains. The magnificent mix of Spanish, French, Moorish and Portuguese cultures intertwined with the “travellers” (Berber and Toureg Tribes) boasts of spectacular architecture, food and music.

I cannot wait to stay in a Riad in Marrakech and sample local cuisines like couscous and tangine at the Jemma El-Fna while sipping on some local “whiskey” (Mint Tea).

I want to stroll through the blue streets of Chefchaouen and visit a Hammam in Fez.

I want to spend a night under the stars in the Sahara Dessert, camp like Bedouins and eat sand-roasted camel meat.

I want to trek the Atlas Mountains and get lost in the Medinas…

As I write my “To-Do” list for Morocco, the hairs on my hand are standing. There is almost a mystical feel about this trip and I somehow have this transcendent feeling that it is somehow related to my Spiritual Growth.

Well, I guess I shall only know once I am there.

Keep it here to know when I get to go on leave and travel to Casablanca. Till then…


PS : I finally made it to Morocco!! Check out my three part journey here: Morocco: Part I…


9 thoughts on “I’m going to Morocco…

  1. Nice… well the ticket is for Casablanca but Marrakech is on my list… there is soooo much to prepare…. I wanna look at local tranport options (best way to travel between cities rather than fly)


  2. What a way to tick it off your bucket list! Amazing!
    I’ve just booked flights myself to go to Morocco this year also, it’s a place I’ve been eyeing up for many years also!
    When are you heading there?

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