Zip-Lining: I Did Whaaaaat…

Yes, I am still in shock and in awe that I actually got into that harness and Zip-lined through a forest! OMG!

So, last Weekend we went to The Forest for a Company Team-Building session organized by the CEO for Top-Level Management.

The Mr. Green Team


The Forest is located at Kereita. I had previously visited Kereita for a Hike in November Last year (Post still pending) and it was amazing. So I was really looking forward to coming back here and enjoying nature at its best.

What was different about this visit was that we had organized for the team to ZIP-LINE though the forest. Yes, you heard correct. If you know me well enough by now, you know how scared I am of heights. And this was a question of hanging from 100mtrs above with nothing but a steel cable at your defense.

Well, I did not have much of a choice. As every one went zipping away, I was left numb. I have no clue where I garnered the strength to get into the harness and zip 2.2 kms over six zips. But guess what… I DID IT!!!!!

And it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

I barely have any notion of the the first three Zips. We were all getting used to being hurled into space, and for some odd reason, I kept on spinning on the cable (obviously weight is on no concern here).

All Nerves  but still feeling great


I experienced my greatest fears of being stuck in the Middle (I got stuck twice towards the end of two zip-lines. On the last one the trainer had to actually come and get me and tug me to the platform… he he he). But I survived this and my preempted thoughts of death by having the cable  snap in to (nothing like that happened – or is likely). What was comforting to know was that the cable and harness can hold up to 1.5tonnes. And here I was hoping I would be declared overweight).

The entire experience lasted two hours. After which we took a small break and then headed for a one-hour nature hike. The hike was through the plantain area and ended at a small waterfall (nothing compared to the original one we saw last year). This was my first “hike” after Ramadhan and it was a good fitness indicator.

The Waterfall

At the Waterfall

After the hike we treated ourselves to a scrumptious buffet lunch as we got to chit-chat and get to know each other better. Apparently the GM’s greatest love is SNAKES! Yikes!


Treating ourselves to Lunch after the Hike

The ride back was serene, and it was interesting to note that everyone had fallen asleep in the car on the drive back, except me. That’s what spending just a few hours in nature can do.

An amazing experience off my bucket-list. I believe now I am cured of my fear of heights. I think I would next like to try bungee jumping in South-Africa!

Let’s Go!





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