Of New Beginnings…

In the spirit of starting anew, I enrolled for some ass-kicking heart racing cardio Pilates classes. They occur twice a week and I was quite impressed to learn that there were actually more guys than gals in the class!!!

I was introduced to the class by a fellow hiker, and needless to say all the members of the cardio Pilates team are hikers. The group is called “Serious 6 Pack Club”. (LOL, I know) But it’s pretty intense. The first week I could barely walk after the second session. But, this being my third week in, I am beginning to enjoy the workouts.

This was exactly what I was looking for to kick-start my fitness. With the “winter” here in full swing, swimming is a no-go (although I am sure the veterans have been going for it) Cardio Pilates will add to my home-yoga practice and weekend walks to Karura.

I really miss my hikes. I am considering going back with another group. I don’t think I will be re-joining Summit Seekers for a long time.

I also need to start training for my Kilimanjaro Summit. Hopefully in October. I am looking forward to this journey. Something I will be doing for MYSELF this time around with no strings attached and no mental stress like February. No responsibility of anyone, nothing. Just me.

My therapy sessions have been going well. I made a discovery and realized that I was actually involved with a Narcissist. A close friend of mine had pointed this out to me when she first met HM, but I never paid heed or close attention. In fact I was totally oblivious of the term. But having discussed this with my therapist, and done my own background checks, it rings so true.

I was in shock the first few days after having read a particular article (see link here) and making the connection. How is this even possible? Such people actually exist? OMG

And what was even worse in my case I was dealing with an NPD and an Alcoholic at the same time. No wonder I came out the way I did. But I am learning to embrace my scars and battle wounds, pick up the pieces and move on.

Life is unfolding beautifully, just as it should be. And I am ready to embrace it.


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