The Letter…

Last weekend was  a weekend of Goodbyes.

The first goodbye came on Saturday evening. I had a farewell dinner with my ex-Boss (The Aga Khan Academy) and the current Deputy and ex-MYP Coordinator Roma.

I was literally sitting across from these two after 5 year and it seemed like we were never away. Fond memories of the Academy and the incidents that made us all cringe back then had us in bouts of laughter. We wondered how we kept our sanity alive back then.

JL has finally retired from the academy (she kept saying she would and then 3 contracts later, she finally threw in the towel) and is moving back to B.C, Canada to join her lovely hubby, George.

Roma is on to bigger and better things in Qatar. She is an amazing teacher and knows her stuff so well that schools across the world literally approach her for pedagogy and curriculum design.

JL and I had a very personal working relationship. She always believed in working “with” people instead of “for” someone (“with” being more inclusive). The best part of the Academy was that my work spoke volumes. I literally left a legacy of my own, as JL mentioned that staff and parents still speak very fondly of me.

No doubt, The Academy was my best job by far. I had taken it on to relieve a friend who could move on to her dream job and I just felt like it was a call to “give back” to the community. And I guess I can say I worked 100% from the heart. I was the “house psychologist” for parents, staff and kids – there was not a single moment when the “hot seat” would be free. I always had someone in my office there to talk to me about their problems or issues.

But I have to say that JL was a great boss (she hates that term). She left something in everyone of us. When I do my emails or write official correspondence, I always hear her words in my head – this is how she would have asked me to write it, etc. She is a beautiful and wonderful soul and I wish her and George the best as they settle back home.

Another goodbye that “began” over the weekend was by way of starting my letter to myself and HM. The pain and anger is beginning to subside and I feel like it will be a good healing to get everything out of the way. But instead of doing a traditional “Letter to myself”, I decided to go the Ho’oponopono way (smiles).

If you are all familiar with this Hawaiian practice of Reconciliation and Forgiveness then you will understand why I chose to go down this way for my letter. There is a lot to apologize for, seek forgiveness for, be thankful for and show self-love and compassion to.

I am taking my time with this letter. It is hand written and that is already a painful process as I am not used to writing long letters anymore. When I began on Sunday, I ended up with six back-to-back A4 sheets. But so far it feels good and I will continue without anticipating the contents or the length.

This morning, when I was looking at some Instagram accounts I came across a tarot page. I picked a random turned down card and when it was revealed it was a Skull:

Skull – Death: The end, mourning, grief and rebirth

There comes a time where all things must end. We can let things go willingly or unwillingly. While this can bring a sadness or sense of loss, the death of a relationship, job, former identity or idea, is also the signal of a new beginning.

When we give death dignity, we can give grace to the new beginnings. So celebrate and give reverence to death, because without it there is no birth or new beginning.

I guess this is the beginning of the end for this phase. I am clearly releasing old pains and feeling and making way for new beginnings.

Wish me luck….

I Cannot wait!




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