Goals for 2017: Part Deux…

Here’s wishing everyone a Blessed Ramadhan.

Yes, the month of Fasting is once again upon us, and I have just finished reading my Ramadhan posts for Last year. Unfortunately, this year I have no such offering to make. As you have noted, my blogging has been quite poor this year, owing to so many commitments at work.

I am literally pressed for time and it’s near impossible to get the blogs underway, but I have changed that now, and you will be hearing from me often, if not frequently.

So, with a weekend of nothing to spare, I thought I would catch up on some blogging and I realized I owed it to you to give a personal reflection on how the year has been thus far.

I know, I literally has to stop, take a moment and breathe in June. Five Fabulous months of the year have already gone by in a blink.

Well, all is not lost, we still have  half the year left to catch up on what we need to do and what needs to be done, so thank you for sticking around for this, here is my review (maybe a refill for that cuppa as you read on, long post alert)

1 - Personal Development

Current: Here is something that I am really proud about and really really really eager to develop further: I Took Up Reiki. Yessssss!!! Over the Easter break (that’s some time in April) My Spirit Coach and Sister suggested I take on Reiki to help with my “gifts”. So on 14th April I was attuned to Reiki Level I and shortly after on 28th April, I received my second Attunement. Currently I am working towards my third and final attunement. I have 33 Distant Healing session to perform, and although I am really limited with my time, I try and do these at least three times a week. I have had some really interesting experiences. I am logging them and hope to publish them here in the blog separately. This has by far been the most wonderful, amazing and most cherished experience of my life. I have my Spritt Coach and Sister fourthchakrayoga.com to thank for!  May She be blessed always.

Goals for 2017:  I have planned to receive my third attunement in August. April and August have always been special months for me, so I intentionally have kept my Reiki Third Attunement for then. I also want to consider about building up a practice. I need to pray and make and Intent for this. I also want to take my “Gifts” to the next level.

2 - Reading

Current: Terrible- not read a single book this year. Picked up Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert but put it down again. The Book Club has been silent as well, and have only just risen from the ashes and have a Members meeting planned for 10th June to plan how to revive it. I may miss this preliminary meeting, but would definitely still be interested to be part of the group.

I did however read  Tuesday’s with Morrie. It was a quick short read. Nothing new there, but the reminders on how to lead a less materialistic and more humbling and fulfilling life were well received.

Goals for 2017: I need to Plan my time well and work out a schedule and stick to it. This is the only way that I see myself being committed to reading – put the darn phone away for an hour and just read. I am looking forward to the genres the Book Club come up with, but I find myself being drawn towards books that deal with spirituality, spiritual guides, and developing medium-ship gifts. Any leads? I’ll be happy…

3 - Sports

Current: Don’t even go there. I’m totally disgusted with myself. Since Kilimanjaro, my only source of “activity” has been the occasional weekend Hikes. I have not been training or working out in any other way. An occasional swim, here and there, but that’s about it. No Yoga, No Gym, No Walking Stairs – Zilch!  I guess my crazy commitment to staying long hours at work is partially to blame – and the fact that i have become, ***drumrolls***  L.A.Z.Y!!!

Goals for 2017: Cut the Slack and Pick up the Pace. I want to go back in August to Mt. Kenya and Summit without crying like a baby and also re-claim Kilimanjaro in October. So I really need to get my Shit (pardon my French here) together and start working out.

To put me into gear, I have taken up a 30-Day Yoga Challenge for Ramadhan…. are you smirking!?

4 - Heath

Current: Ha! A follow through of the previous goal. Again not fairing very well. I had mentioned I went of the FLL programme and tried my level best to stay close to my plateau weight as possible. Unfortunately the cravings for the raw dough sugar filled cookies at work always get to me, and I have been feeding off them quite regularly. I have failed all targets I set myself, and in the end resorted to returning back the the FLL Supplements, hoping they would keep the “fat” away.

Lets see, I have not been behaving that good – but been in moderation. I am strict with myself this Ramadhan and will keep off all the forbidden foods (OK, just leave those M&M peanuts where you found them).

I also lost my Tennis Sport. Firstly the Knees are not doing that well, ans secondly due to inconstancy, my spot got given away..Gggggggrrrrrr!!!!!!

Goals for 2017: Try and get out of this weight plateau and reach at least 10 kgs lesser by end of the year – slowly and surely wins the race they say….well… let’s see.  Another Financial Trap I have put myself into for the next six months.

I need to get back to fitness post Ramadan. Maybe take up Vinyasa Yoga (as I cant make the timings for my regular Yoga) Start walking / Running again and Swim frequently.

I Was also considering going back to the Gym. I am still not sold onto the idea. But, I’m playing with it – lets see. OR then maybe take on Kickboxing!!! I have 30 days to decide and come up with a plan for my fitness trajectory.

5 - Career

Current: Aside from the rant about the Office Politics going on, there have been so many changes in work. From new replacements, to new processes, there is a lot going on at Mr. Green. I am now officially the Head of Admin and HR and with inspiration from Amani, I have been trying to streamline HR Processes.

In terms of Professional Development, then Amani’s leadership course tops the list. We are in the third month and have one last module left in June before presenting for our projects in July – what to choke on that coffee…. I still don’t have a project outline to preset!

What do you expect. Everyone has realized that our focal problem at work is unmotivated employees and so we need to motivate them. So everyone has come up with project involving motivation of employees and so I have found myself being part of everyone else’s project not not having a unique one to attribute to myself.

I finally came up with a “team-building” designed to build relationships with the employees, but really need to study on this so that I can present something of value on the 29th of July.

Goals for 2017: First and foremost is to kick off the Amani Project. I need that to graduate from the leadership and management course. Without this, everything is a waste. Secondly, Work – leaves a lot to contemplate about but I need to sit down and do a root-cause analysis of my feeling about Mr. Green. I know the plot is thick with suspense here for you dear friends, but I cannot say much on a public platform here. I think my boss my be getting updates on blogs here (squirm!)

6 - Others

Current: Moving on to other pleasantries of life. Summit Seekers is now LIMITED. Yes we got it registred and are currently working on opening a bank account and a paybill number for hikers to send over money directly. Our first chapter ended with Kilimanjaro and was a huge success. We have now started off with our second chapter where we will be supporting children with Dyslexia. Click here to read more and to donate.

The Solution Magazine has Stalled again. There are only 2.5 of us (0.5 being the content developer) and I personally have had a lack of commitment towards this project. Maybe I should step down of find someone who could assist with my work.

YSWE is doing well. There are times when I feel that I have the least support and need to give up the post for someone else. But then I look back at all the wonderful things that we as a board have collectivel brought to the netowrk and I feel I should stay on just a little longer. I have not been attending most of the dinners, and this year, finding a trainer is proving to be a tad difficult.

Goals for 2017: Focus on Marketting of SSL and build a huge Hiker’s database. Pick up some social media skills that will help leverage us into the market and create a name.

Talk to The Solution team and find a way forward on how to finally get the first issue launched

Focus and plan way in advance in getting trainers for YWSE and make sure I attend more regulary.

And that lovelies, is my outlook ok 2017 thus far and the few goals that I have set out for myself. Of course if you know me well, you will know that there will be a million other little things that will creep up and I’ll get off-track again – why is this year proving so difficult to focus!

So, until next time, why dont you take a moment to reflect ow far you have come this year and what goal  you still need to work on..

Au Revour!



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