Amani Leadership and Management for Impact Program…

So lovelies,

I know I have been M.I.A again, but I have a good excuse for not being active on the blog –  I have been involved with / in too many things as you are going to read about soon.

The first of these, as I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs was a Leadership and Management course that I was selected to attend by my Company – The Amani Institute’s Leadership and Management for Impact Program.

The course is being offered at a subsidized rate for all Top-Management teams in companies.

Here is a little about the course:

The course is designed for all Middle and Senior Level Managers of Small and Growing Businesses.

It is a highly interactive and inspiring program that aims to develop Mindsets, Skills and Knowledge required to create impact with self, teams and the business.

Some of the skills covered in the program are strategy, design thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, people management, presentation skills, and coaching.  What is great about the program is that these skills are not just learned in a classroom but also through practical application at work, through online learning, networking and working with peers.

The program will be taught in 4 modules (Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading the Business I, Leading the Business II) and a final showcase of your project which you will present at the end of the program.ALMI-Program-Structure_bkohxx.jpg.pngAt this point, I have already gone through the first three modules. I am thoroughly amazed at the teaching concept and knowledge base of the course. There have been such amazing Ted Talks and Online Articles (which I will certainly share) and I really look forward to our learning.

Currently, we are at the design stage where we need to come up with Business Innovation Ideas for our Project. Honestly,  I have been at a lost for project ideas, as being in HR, although there is a lot one can focus on, these seem to have been already incorporated into my colleagues projects.

So, I hoped by revisiting the content of the course and revisiting essential core modules, I may just come up with an Innovative Idea.

Well, the whole truth is that I needed to get back to writing, and this just happened to be one of the most accessible topics to write about and something that I have acquired interest in.

So, stay tuned for a full insight on the ALMI Program and to find out about my Project (if I ever find one!)

Catch you soon!


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