I Miss Writing…. about everything

So, it’s Friday night, nearly clocking 10pm, and surprisingly I am not that dead tired for the end of the week.

I decided since I do have the energy, why not schedule some posts on FB for Summit Seekers. I was doing a #throwbackthursday post and decided to come to the blog to pic up a few lines on one of the hikes.

As I read through the post on Kijabe Hills, I was really amazed at how committed I was to writing about all the Hikes preceding Mt. Kilimanjaro. I know I still have to get that out of the way, and 2 months later I am still processing the whole thing, but here’s what, I promise myself and you to write about every hike from today onwards. I will even share the calendar with you so that you can follow me and Summit Seekers on all our adventures, and keep a tab.

I miss writing about the beautiful views, the terrain, the experiences. Although many of the older members have moved on, we have so many newer ones. I have thought of many ways to make the hikes as interactive as possible and we are slowly getting there. For instance, our last Hike to Hell’s Gate, on the way back to kill time in traffic we all playyed games of truth or dare, complete the story, guess my word. It was full of laughter, and we barely noticed the amount of time we had spent in traffic on the way back.

Well, we have a hike this weekend to Eburru, and there are lots of newbies joining us on this one. So I will get as many testimonies from them to include into the post. I can’t wait!!!

Well, here is the year ahead in a nutshell – there are lot’s of greater things waiting to happen in the pipeline, but for now, this is what we have lined up…

Calender of Events May - Aug 2017.jpg

I think I should also get back to writing about our YWSE dinners – hell I think I should just get back to writing altogether!!!

I think I can definitely free up some space once a week to put down something, even if it is just brief!

What say??



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