2017: An Update…Jan – Apr


This post has been in the making since January and it’s already April!!!! Can 2017 please slow down so I can catch my breath!

Hello Readers…

Trusting that you have all been well and making great things happen for you in 2017. Feel free to comment below – I would really love to know!

I have decided the only way that I can keep up with my blogs is to do them from work – first thing in the morning – yes, my boss may catch me and may not like, but, I’ll probably prepare something earlier and finish off at work and post.

Well, here is a quick synopsis of what the year has been thus far for me:

I spent the better half of January training for Mt. Kilimanjaro. One of our training took us back to Elephant Hills, which we managed to summit this time round. If you were amazed by the “elephant” profile of the hills, wait till you see the actual summit photos…Mind blowing!!!

 In February, I along with 15 other team members, went to Kilimanjaro. For those of you following this blog from the beginning, you probably know that this was a life dream. I have decided to dedicate a separate blog to document the experience, but what you need to know at this point is that I didn’t make it to the Summit. There is a reason for that and as soon as I get a chance to write it down, I shall share the life-changing experience with you.  It is true when they say that when you go up a mountain, you never come back down the same.

Well, the journey never ends. I hope to return later in the year to Summit Kilimanjaro before heading on to bigger things (Mt. Elgon, Mt. Meru, The Ruwenzori Mountains, EBC)

My training has changed. Since after Kilimanjaro, I have become quite lethargic, tennis has stopped and life has become so crazy I hardly find the time to train. But that will all change.

Speaking of Change, Kilimanjaro also brought about a huge spiritual change in me. late last year I had the change of meeting with my Spiritual Guides, and since Kilimanjaro I am working more closely with them

Work wise, I finally get to go onto the PayRoll of Mr. Green, but contract is still pending. There are a few challenges cropping up at work (in the name of office politics) but let’s see how we can ride this one.

I made it on the team to go for a Leadership and Management Training Course at Amani. It’s the first Cohort of it’s kind and it is amazing in the way it introduces new-world leadership and management skills. I am attending this course with my GM, Sourcing Manager, Production Manager.


The weigh-loss/Fat-Loss journey has come to a total halt. I have managed to “maintain” the weight will all the ridiculous food I have been eating, (okay, so I have gained 4Kgs), but truth remains, I need to overcome the plateau and move along the journey till I get to my goal.

Summit Seekers is growing in numbers and popularity – Praise be to higher powers for helping me achieve this milestone and taking Summit to Greater Heights!

And, I turned 38 in March! It’s a New Year and a lot has changed in terms of Goals, Planning and Tracking, I have fallen into what people call “Creative Living” – go with the flow… be unstoppable, live life with full abandon.

And on that note, I think I’ve done my daring bit for the day – the boss is about to come in and I would like to have this post up and out asap!

Thank you for sticking around, I can not abandon you, and never will. Let’s see how this arrangement works.

Look forward to upcoming blogs on my Kilimanjaro Experience, upcoming Hikes and Career moves.


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