November: Part II…

Its almost unvelievable how quick November came to an end.

Because of work commitments, I found myself cancelling many events that I would have otherwise attended.

For Instance we had a Book Club meet plus the screening of the movie for the Same book which I could not attend. Truth be told, I have not even flipped the cover of the book to read the first page. 

And for those of you who follow me, you may have noticed my total silence on th blog too… 

I have been skipping  Yoga like a curse. I can safely say that I am no longer the Guru’s fav and exemplary student. Same goes with Tennis. I doubt I even played a game this month. 

The FLL diet has also gone out the window. I had to call the agent and tell her I’m taking a break. I have gone back to carbs, but try and limit them to one meal a day ( one big humungous meal of carbs a day, more like it).

I did do something new and interesting…. indoor Rock Climbing! O.M.G what an experience. You defo need your arms here.

I was invited by a colleague at work, who does this quite regularly. And being one who never says never, I went ahead. My first “bouldering” attempt was shocking. I made it to the top without falling or looing like and Idiot. I also got down pretty smartly.

As I attempted the second round, my arms and legs gave way. I found myself  stuck halfway up the wall and unable to even climb back down. slowly, my fingers gave way and down I cam landing on my collegue like a sack of potatoes… poor guy! that must have really hurt.

Well, i was sure that was it for me, but instead of just standing there, I thought why not try out the Harnessed Climbs. So i got a trainer to help me with those, and I absolutllely loved it.

So I did a couple of climbs with the harness before my hands and legs totally gave up!

But I loved the experience and would definitely go back again, just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive.

Towards the end of Novemver we had our practice hike for Mt. Kenya (can’t believe thats less than a WEEK away!! )

It was meant to be an over-nighter at the Aberdares, where we were to xross over from Njambini Peak to Kinangop Peak.But due to small numbers, we had to convert that to a day hike to the same area, but a different hill, The Elephant Hills.

It was terible for me. I had to sacifice my climb for a fellow hiker who developed nausea and altitude sickness (it is, afterall 3,600m above sea level). The rest of the Hikers had to turn back just 20mins away from the Summit due to time constraints. This angered a few, because its frustrating struggling to muck and mud and finally getting to the top, only to be told that you can’t summit because of time.

I certainly want to go back to this one and complete it. Alone if I must.

I have yet to put upna post about Kereita Caves, and even Aberdares now. I promise to do this soon.
For now I am just focusing on being lazy and uncommited to any workouts, not doing anything at all. feeling weak and lethargic, and praying that all goes well on the trip.
Look out for the December Goals post….


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