November: Part I

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. It’s already November and that just leaves very few days before the year comes to an end! Wow!!

Well, November is briskly on it’s way out, while I am seriously trying to catch my breath with everything that is going on around.

To begin with, the month started off with my twin and close friend tying the knot on the 3rd of November. The wedding registry was in the morning and there was a quaint cozy reception in the evening. It was an opportunity to get the blingy outfits out and celebrate in style. My friend looked amazing in her navy and gold fish-cut gown and she was absolutely glowing with pride and joy. I wish her the best on this new journey of her life.

Soon after, we had our final Board Meeting for YWSE on the 5th of November at the Rooftop at Sankara Hotel. Among other things, we decided that it was time for the board to expand and bring in members who could fill in the roles that needed attention like communications, social media, legal representation. A few names of prospective applicants were pushed forward and we are looking at conducting interviews in January before YWSE resumes in Feb.

Our final Dinner for YWSE was scheduled on the 7th of November, and it was a combined training and speaking event that ran from 5.30 all the way to 9.30pm. The attendance was amazing this time round, and it gave me food for thought on how to plan for the trainers next year.

The very next day, 8th November, I was invited to be a guest of honor (My! My!) at a graduation event at a rehab center. It was amazing to see how people told their stories of self -destruction and self-redemption. It made me understand further, that no matter what their sin, people are people. They too need love and care in there lives as well. Again, as an empath all I could pick up on was their suffering, but I left them with an important message. As we celebrate others, so must we celebrate ourselves.

November will be an interesting month with Summit Seekers. We will have not one, not two, but THREE hikes this month, including an over-nighter at the Aberdares. We lieterally just concluded our Hike this past weekend (the 13th) to Kereita Caves and Waterfalls (watch for that post coming soon) and it was a “Slippery Affair”. I have never fallen so incessantly in my life as I did along that six-hour hike. I am covered with bruised all the way to my wrists as I type this, and I have no inkling how I am going to manage the hike this weekend, and the one after this.

What is even more worrying is that I feel (and I promised myself that I would stop complaining and nagging about this) that I am at burn-out stage. I feel so fatigued, it’s not even funny. I have no energy left. I have even taken myself off the FLL programme until January, and although my portions remain limited, I am back to eating “everything”.

Work seems to take over most of my time, and although I am enjoying it, I find I have nothing left to offer my health and fitness programme. I need to get my life sorted. Be grounded and get re-energized, because (here we go again!!) Mt. Kenya is just 2 WEEKS away!!!!

I need to do a serious re-programming of mind, body and soul! God help me!!!


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