November Goals

October was a happening month for me. I was really up and about and there was so much to attend to. Having a semi-full-time job at the same time made it difficult for me to catch up on many things.

Most of the blogs were completed very late in October, and I still have to catch up on some blogs from October.

My FLL programme has gone out of whack ans I resort to eating :health” carbs and I think I may just stick to it and feel healthy about this. Maybe I might just give the programme a break and start all over in Jan again, I wonder if they will allow this. I accomplished many “firsts” in October and I hope the trend will continue.

November also seems like a busy month. But unfortunately I began the month on a sickly not. Yes, what I hope is my last bout of flue and fever for the year decided to come just a week before our last prep hike for November. I have a lot to do in terms of training and this dastardly flue will now set me back in my training schedule.

However, these are the goals that I wish to attain this month. Bearing in mind the year is almost at a close, I have mentally slowed down and am focusing on the next big thing – Mt. Kenya, which at this point is literally just 30 days away!


November Goals.jpg



It is incredible how Summit Seekers has grown not just in numbers, but also in popularity. A lot of new people are joining us on our hikes and the reviews are just amazing. We have had one of the members even champion for us and push our online donations portal for us and we managed to raise a but of money towards our charity goal. Hey if you are interested in donating to our causes, check out our online portal: or visit our website:

What’s  upcoming for this month:

  • Best Friend’s Wedding Reception – 3rd November
  • YWSE Board Meeting – 5th November
  • YWSE Training & How She Does it Dinner Event – 7th November
  • Eden Valley Graduation Luncheon – 8th November
  • Book Club Review of “The Girl on the Train”19th/26th November
    or 3rd December
  • Kereita Caves and Waterfalls – 13th November
  • Farewell Dinner for a Friend – 17th November
  • FLL Review – 22nd November
  • Aberdares Overnight Camping  – 26th – 27th November
  • Social Enterprise:Business Doing Good Course Part II – To Start





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