October: II

Did I mention to you guys that I am almost working full time now. And work is pretty busy. We are catching up with HR policies and Admin Policies as well.

I have taken up two online courses (which I barely get time to read for) on HR just to touch up on it and get to know of any new methodologies in the HR department that can be put to good use here at Mr. Green.

I finally managed to resume Yoga Classes, and I was glad to have done so. We have a couple of new faces in the group and my instructor seems to have lost a bit of weight. Hope all is well with her.But it’s great being back.

I also got back to Swimming. Man! have I missed it or what. And I am so out of practice, it’s not even funny. Forget the 60 laps that I had managed to build up to I can barely do ten without envisioning my own death. I need to really step up the game now because Mt. Kenya is only a month away, and I need my fitness levels to be par one.

Well, for the love of the game, I also got my OWN Tennis Racket. I am part of an “Expat Moving Sale” group on Facebook and had gone to collect some sleeping backs when I discovered a tonne of new tennis balls in the room. On inquiring, I was told that the lady is not selling the tennis balls, but does have rackets for sale. Voila! There she was a Babalot Racket. And at a bargain too. I picked it up without even thinking twice, got it restrung and re-gripped (is that even a word) and put it to test last week. Amazing or what!! I am so excited about Tennis all over again!

Towards the end of October we had yet another Hike to the Kijabe Hills. This was a 19km hike across several hills and towards the escarpment. It is amazing to see nature in its true original form, and what s even more amazing is how man managed to carve roads and put up power stations along such geographic settings. Truly amazing. The hike was not an easy feat and took us a whole day! But we managed and everyone went home with some amazing memories!

It’s also hard to believe that out Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro expeditions are coming  closer and closer. November will mark one month to the great climb. I have to say that my fitness levels are far from perfect. I have really been slacking and now, I am panicked.

30th October Marked Diwali for the Hindus  A much awaited Bollywood flick was due to be released on this day. 30th October is also the day I walked in my first marathon ever – the Standard Chartered 10KM Run. It was an amazing experience that definitely put endurance to test. But my friend and I both made it to the finish line. Although I much rather attempt the 21K next time and get a medal to show for it instead.

So, going back to the Bollywood flick Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was very much anticipated by the crowds to be the biggest block buster of 2016. Naah! Not really, but I did resonate with the story-line – how one girl insists on maintaining a purely platonic relationship with a guy, who on the other hand believes that girls and boys cannot be “just friends”. What do you think?

I personally have lost a lot of good male friends because of this misconception. I guess it is easier for girls to keep their feelings and emotions in check than it is for guys. An then they say women are complicated!

Well, that was October for us! I am literally shitting myself thinking about November and how fast the year has gone by!



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