October: New Opportunities

It is almost the end of the year and I cannot believe how was this year has gone.

It has been a very interesting year, with a lot of opportunities that came my way in terms of meeting new people, getting out of my comfort zone and  doing things that I never thought would be possible.

The first half of October was a busy one. October this year marked the beginning of the Islamic New year, so I was occupied with daily visits to the mosque for lectures in the morning. The speaker was from Canada and is a well renounced media personality. She hosts programmes on international TV channels and is an avid speaker having presented in several universities around the world, the likes of Harvard and Cambridge.

Her lectures which ran across the breath of 11 days were centered around controlling the Nafs ( self, psyche ego or soul). She spoke about how to become a better human being, by first trying to improve yourself and then criticizing and condemning others – something that women easily succumb to.

She was rich with knowledge and her lectures were practical. It is so true that we are so engrossed with other people’s lives and businesses that we forget to pay attention to ourselves. And not just out outside world, but within as well – many of us are headless about the storm that is brewing within us – storms that blow dusts of contempt, jealousy, anger, competition, pride, judgement, revenge…oh! the list is just too long.

Anyway, the take away – try and be a better person yourself before you try to “fix” other people. it is none of your business.

The above fact was wonderfully put by another individual whom I ment earlier in the month – Sisiter Kanan of the Bhrama Kumari. We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon, just chatting about “being”. She left me with this profound message: as you meditate, in the  morning or the evening, focus on your inward self. You are a dot, a particle, in this vast universe. you take in all the good, and let go of all the bad. Start and end your day on this note and you will be at peace with yourself and more in tune with your purpose.

Deep, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, because of Muharram, I had to excuse myself from the YWSE Dinner this month, so there will be no post about this month’s training and “How she does it” dinner. Double tragedy when the trainer called me last minute to inform me about an eye infection that she was struck with and would therefore have to cancel. The dinner was hosted for founder of Kipato Unbranded, a jewellery designer and manufacturer who produces jewellery pieces with a percentage of all proceeded going back into the community who manufacture the jewellery for her.

I am thoroughly engulfed with policies on HR and Admin. Work is amazing. I love the environment and the people whom I work with. I don’t know if I mentioned this to you but we work in an open-space environment – The Nairobi Garage. You meet different types of people everyday as the office space is shared with other companies occupying the Garage.

I was meant to go in twice a week, but the work is quite overwhelming and so I find myself sometimes working three times a week. It is amazing what the company is doing in terms of Socially Impacting the environment and community at large. Will tell you more about it in my next post.

You will not believe what else happened at the beginning of the month. One of my friends from High school decided to create a whatsapp group with all alumni and it’s been absolutely crazy catching up with everyone’s lives! Some are married with kids, some are all the way down under, month- in-law issues, children issues…OMG! The chats go late into the night and at times, there are 300+ messages to catch up on. But it’s wonderful. We are planning a reunion sometime before the end of the year. Let’s see how that materializes.

This month we have two back-to-back hikes. Summit Seekers had it’s largest group come to Longonot for the Ultimate Challenge. We did a total of 16.3km this time. going through the gorge and round the rim and back again. You can read all about it in a separate post which will go up soon after this.


Unfortunately, I could not make it to the Book Club meeting again this month. I was stuck waiting for a failed delivery of T-Shirts for the new climbers. But sadly, The Inheritance of Loss did not ressonate with a number of the members. This was my second attempt and again, I was unable to go beyond a couple of chapters. And so had to abandon the book mid-read. I hope the book for Oct-Nov will be a nice one, as it will be our last Book Club Read.


Well, that’s all for this half of the month… keep it here to read up on the rest of the month and how the hikes went.




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