October Goals

October is one of my favourite months of the year. The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom and the sides of the roads are all carpeted with the beautiful lilac colored flowers of this tree.

October will also usher in the first month of the Islamic New Year, 1438 on the 3rd. While most will welcome this with ringing bells or displaying flags and buntings, for the Shia it is a time of grief and morning as we remember the sad events of Kerbala which took place some 1400 years ago.

For the first ten days of Muharram, we attend lectures at the religious centers. There are lectures for ladies in the morning and afternoon, and one in the evening which is attended by both ladies and gents.

For the better part of the month, October will be a busy month for me, attending these lectures, but here is a glimpse of what I have laid out for myself this month:



My little baby is doing well. The response we got from the hikers in September was overwhelming. Our numbers are steadily growing, and we are hoping to get featured in a publication this month. Show your support by following us on Instagram: summitseekers.cfac


I feel bad having reduced my blog posts to just 4 or 5 a month, but honestly I could not keep up with the weekly posts. Now that I am working, and soon will be with a second part-time job, it is going to be tough coping. And plus I’m growing old and slow :).


I started working with a Social Enterprise known by the name of Mr. Green Trading Africa Ltd. It was put together by two very young and enterprising Swiss boys (yes, my bosses are younger than me he he!!!) and we basically deal with the recycling of plastics while at the same time turning the lives around of the scavengers from whom we buy the waste materials from. I am there, twice a week, to help them put policies in place.

I am a little late posting this blog, but, this is what we had and have to look forward to this month:


  • YWSE Training & How She Does it Dinner Event – 3rd October (Missed cos of Mosque)
  • Book Club Review of “Inheritance of Loss” 15th October
  • Mt. Longonot Prep Hike – 16th October
  • Kijabe Hills Hike – 23rd October
  • FLL Review – 27th October
  • Standard Chartered 10K Marathon – 30th October
  • Social Enterprise:Business Doing Good Course – Ongoing

Best of Luck!!!!


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