FLL Review: Aug – September 2016

After a rather impressive review in August, I was back on the scale to the standard weight of 80kgs

Although I went back to eating solids, I discovered, with the onset of work, and moving house, there were long food gaps between meals.

Also, I had two unprecedented guests to cater for one towards the end of august and the other in the middle of Spetember. I did my best to sktick to the meal plan, without deviating too much. And where carbs were unavoidable, I limited my meal portions.

My water intake has been good on days I get to drink water. On days that I can’t (work, while moving house) I barely get in 500ml of water into my system until maybe I get home or late at night when I am in bed.

Another change in water in-take patterns is drinking water throughout the night. Maybe its exhaustion, but I do not wake up in the nights to sip water. So, In that way I am losing out on a liter of water.

Again I have been slacking in my physical fitness. Apart from the climbs, there is no serious physical workouts that I have been engaging in. In tennis, my strength has waned and I have not gone back to swimming, in a long time.

I only have a few weeks left and the weight is just not shifting no matter what I do. Whether I eat carbs or not does not make a difference in the weight. It keeps buoying between grams.

Anyway, lets give this last leg of the programme everything I have. I need to lose at least 5 kilos by the next review.

It’s just too frustrating.

Here are my stats from this month’s review. Notice the difference between August and September. I need to sort this out.

Sept Review.jpg

From the above, it can be noted, compared to last month’s review::

  • Weight up UP by  1.7Kgs
  • BMI up UP by 0.5
  • Body Fat UP by 0.6%
  • Water Intake DOWN by 0.5% (there is an error there, should read 50 and not 40)
  • Body Muscle DOWN  by 0.2%


Goals for NEXT MONTH:

  • Lose at least 5 – 8Kgs between September and October.
  • STAY OFF all Junk, even on the weekends
  • Increase water intake (already at 3lts)
  • Start Working Out
  • Maintain energy levels and Kick -ass (in terms of activity)

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