September: Part II… The Madness Continues

September definitely was a month full of surprises.

If you read up on the first part of this month’s review, you would know that I had a surprise visit from a friend at the beginning of the month, and then I finally managed to land an interview with Mr. Green, for whom I now work.

I started work with Mr Green on the 13th of September. For now it’s bi-weekly, but this may change in December. Mr. Green is a social enterprise that deals with collection and recycling of plastic waste. They collaborate with scavengers, giving them a fair price for their collections and then continue to sort, cut and sell the recycled plastic to plastic-manufacturing companies.

I joined them in capacity of HR and Admin, and right now we are working on policies and contracts for the staff as well as streamlining some admin issues.  We work out of an open plan office space in Westlands, and everyday is basically a new day.

 My so called friend from Canada arrived on the eve of the 15th to spend a few days in Nairobi and I was once again playing guide and host. Instead of catching up on malls, like we did with the previous visitor, we instead spent a day at the Giraffe Centre and visited Karen Blixen – the infamous coffee house and museum that was part of Kenya’s British History (read: Out of Africa). Thank God that visit was short. I had had enough of showing people around and driving hundreds of kilometers in a day, navigating through the heavily trafficked roads of Nairobi, and even getting lost on the By-Pass! I even ended up missing the YWSE Board meeting, something I am keen to attend.

The following week, I finally received my long awaited parcel from decathlon, UK. I had ordered some hiking shoes and jackets, and although the Shoes fit well, the tops and jackets are snug. Sadly, I am still not a “M” in sizing, and now will have to work even harder to get into the tops and jackets. I have to place a second order for more hiking gear, and now I will have to stick to a “L” (which, by the way is lose).

With Mum’s Birthday on the 24th of September, she wanted to move into the new place before then. We managed to get packed and shifted in three days and she spent the eve of her birthday in the new house. Although we have “resized” (moved from a three BDR to a two BRD), the house is much spacious and airy and well lit. I have a huge en suite and the cupboard space is literally to write home about. At least I have enough “Workout” space – I can not workout at home. I am beyond caring about what the neighbors will think of all the thumping going on over their heads – we shall worry about that when they complain.

I barely had a chance to breathe or get used to the house and we were off for the Sleeping Warrior and Ugali Hills climb the following Sunday. The climb was a tough one (Read about it here) and it was definitely one that had me questioning the trajectory of my life. But everyone had a great time at the end of the day, and that is what counts.

 At some point, later this year, I had signed up for a Social Enterprise course which began on the 26th. Because of no WI-fi installation at home, I am yet to embark on study of this course. But since it only requires 3 hours a week, I shall catch up by next week, IA.

The last event for this month was my FLL review which did not go as well, but was as I had anticipated. Well. I have one more month to push. And then see what happens.

Well, I am also proud to announce that I signed up for a 10K marathon in October. So that will be another thing off my bucket list. I need to start training for it. Although I am sure that I will probably end up walking most of the way, at least I can train to walk faster, isn’t it!

And that, was September for me! Quite a busy month.

October will usher in the Islamic new year, and It will be consumed with going to lectures at the mosque.

 We have a book club meeting, more exciting climbs and  a marathon to look forward to!

Let’s go!!!




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