An Interesting Start…

Well its been an exciting start to September and so much more in store, I am having a hard time catching up… (AH)

I welcomed September with a surprise visit from an acquaintance in Tanzania. We have known each other from the start of 2014 and he finally got around to visiting Nairobi. He surprised me with a phone call announcing his arrival in Nairobi along with his three friends. It was a fun filled four days showing them around Nairobi taking them to malls and restaurants. It dawned on me, not like it hadn’t earlier, but there really isn’t much to do in Nairobi apart form malls and restaurants. I know we have a crazy party scene but, that has never been my cup of tea,  so I really can’t say I am a party animal. And because they had already driven through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro craters (parks in Tanzania) they were not too keen on visiting any of the animal conservancies or zoos. 

Anyway, while they were here, I received a call on 30 August,  to interview with a company on . I saw their add for an admiring and rook my chances and applied. Mr. Green is a social impact startup that deals with waste management in Kenya. They have an impressive business model and a very unique approach to the their waste management system.

This could not have come at a better time. I had decided, while on my break that I would much rather work with a company that has a social impact than a corporate mongrel. And since I will be starting my course on Social Enterprises soon, I guess I will be able to add value and grow along with the company as well.

Well, my guests left on the morning of Friday 2nd September and I was pretty excited about going in for a second interview, the following week. The interview went well and I received an orientation tour of the warehouse and “Trading Points” on Saturday 10th September. I Started work for them Today (13th September). I will tell you more about what my job entails in the next update.

I was also engrossed with the preparation for our Prep Hike to the Ngong Hills on the 11th of September. Once again, we received an overwhelming response, and managed to book 14 people. However, some wanted to drive down in their own Vehicles, and this is always a challenge, as people end up taking their own time to arrive at the designated sights and then we end up with drama.

Thankfully, this time we all ended up leaving together on time and arriving at Ngong Hills together. We did have a few “no shows” as Monday, 12th September was declared a Public Holiday for Eid-ul-Adha, and people took advantage of the long weekend.

So in total 10 people climb the Ngong hills and made it through all 7 hills. That’s 17.4 kms in total!! Read all about it in the next post.

What was really amazing was having people call me last minute to bring them on board. Some people had seen our T-shirt on the Mt. Longonot climb, and searched for us on FaceBook, to get to us. The Power of Branding!!! Hope they will be with us on our next expedition.

What is also exciting is, we are moving house at the end of the Month. So we have been shopping around for new furniture and curtains. I am torn between a lavender color scheme and an aqua one. Any Suggestions??

Also, I am looking forward to receiving my  coursework for my Online Social Enterprise Course starting on the 26th of September.

Phew… that’s a busy month. To top it up, I have ANOTHER friend coming over from Canada on the 15th of September for a few days, the YWSE Board meeting on the 17th of September, my FLL Review on the 22nd of September and, at this rate, I am hoping the book club meet gets pushed to October because on the 25th we climb Sleeping Warrior…

Woooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo……

Hold on tight everyone,  it’s getting cucking frazy!!!!!!



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