September Goals

August is a special month for me. Anything and everything that is life altering happens in August.

I was beginning to wonder how come this year it is ending without a bang, only to be surprised by a visit by an acquaintance from Tanzania on the 26th of August. We spent four amazing days getting to know each other better. I have to say he was a very humble soul.

Also in August I out did myself with the FLL programme by hitting an all time LOW of 78Kgs! However I have only 2 months to get to my ideal weight before being pulled out in October.

So,   with these in mind, here are my Goals for September:


Sept Goals


Of course, I cannot go without mentioning Summit Seekers. The Website should be up and running shortly. We have, for now, suspended the fundraising part as we need to be officially registered for that. We are however working on that.


Also, as of this month, I have decided, for the time being to cut back on my Weekly Blogs. They are becoming a bit too monotonous, and I want to focus on more meaningful content. So I have limited them to bi-monthly blogs. Let’s see how that comes out.


What we have to look forward to this month:
  • YWSE Training & How She Does it Dinner Event – 5th September
  • Ng’ong Hills Prep Hike – 11th September
  • FLL Aug – Sept Review – 22nd September
  • Sleeping Warrior Climb – 25th September
  • Social Enterprise Course – 26th September Onward

Wow, Exciting Month up ahead.


8 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. Awww hun… ur so sweet… but im having a hard time catching up… lol… i will get back into it soon… i promise.. what have you been upto… what have i missed


  2. good luck! looks like a busy month for you. glad to knownyou caught up with a friend and had
    fun. bi-monthly posts? now what are we going to do without your regular updates?

    Liked by 1 person

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