Review : 13 – 19 Aug… The Speed of Things

The week went by so fast, I hardly had a chance to catch my breath.  With one amazing weekend making way for another greater one.  It was full of opportunities to explore new things and places and getting myself to step out into the unknown.

 On Saturday, Tennis was not that great. I still had problems smashing and, I guess I have to agree with the coach, “I’m just too plain lazy”. We did not get up to much this Saturday so it was a relaxed day.

On Sunday we made an impromptu plan to go to Karura Forest for a quick 2-hour hike to prepare for Sunday’s Climb. We ended up splitting the group and some wanted to Bike and eventually the group with the Bike got lost. We had to wait two hours till they found their way back to base. But it was time well spent as I learnt how to ride a bike again, after donkey years, and managed to do six laps of the track. It was amazing. I am definitely going riding again next time we go to Karura.


Monday’s are horrible as I usually start the day Job Hunting. Nothing lucrative has come up till now. So am just trying my luck here and there. Yoga was amazing in the evening, as always. The weather has cleared and it’s been sunny so far. I may plan a swim sometime this week.

Well, no chance of swimming as first thing Tuesday Morning I was in the red. They came earlier than expected and without warning. Anyway, time is being consumed organizing for the climb on Sunday. Numbers have grown and I am beginning to wonder how will everyone make it up the mountain.  Spent the afternoon processing Online VAT Returns for the company I used to work with. Seems like they cannot trust the new girl with the process.

Wednesday was another first in ages – I reunited with my Cousin and her boys to celebrate her birthday. It was an amazing reunion, and what was more beautiful was meeting my amazing Nephews, Dana (10) and Dylan (7). They are such cute boys and a spitting image of their mum when she was younger. We went for Sushi and Sashimi and I thought to myself, might as well since the review is only a couple of hours away.

Thursday was D-Day. The review blew me away as according to their scale I was down in every thing. (See FLL review for the month here). Unfortunately I am 12Kgs away from my target and I only have 2 months to lose the weight before they take me off the program as according to them I have been on it too long. So, no screwing around now. I have to achieve my target.

The sun disappeared again, so I spent Friday at home, feeling awful about not having done any prep for the climb on Sunday. We stand at a total of 14 people. 14! Can you believe that.

Well, I’m looking forward to going up Longonot again (3rd time) and this time going round the rim. Let’s see how it all ends.



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