FLL Review: July – August 2016

Following a disappointing and terrible review last month, I was determined to make a difference during this month’s review.

Week 1 – Since I have no appetite, I followed advice by the agent to puree the food. I have been feeling weak due to lack of food intake and hence not been regular with my workouts. Also, there are no supplements. A delay due to the flight crash in Dubai has halted supply for a while.

The pureed food is manageable and I can at least get some food into my body. The strength seemed to return by end of week and the scale, which was earlier not my friend, showed signs of shifting downwards, gramme by gramme.

Week 2 – Appetite still seems to be a problem. I am still mashing my food and forcing this down my throat. I am loading on carbs (Breakfast) and in spite of this, the weight is steady. Still no supplements to take. and Metabolism has slowed down a lot. Water intake is good, as it is all I can “eat”. I have increased my activity level, with Boot Camp on Wednesdays for an hour. Also I have been hiking and climbing a quite a bit in July (Three weekends out of Four).

Week 3 – My eating has gone out of whack. I am eating anything but food. The supplements have finally arrived and I shall start them from next week onward. I was insulted (well, my pride was actually) when I went to pick up the supplements and the lady at the counter mentioned that I have been on the programme longer than anticipated, surely I must be doing something wrong.

This really hit me hard. I made a decision to quit bullshitting and making sorry excuses for my poor eating habits, and by end of the year (maximum) I should have reached my target. I am only half way through and still have half the amount of weight to drop. NO MORE BULLSHIT!

 Week 4 – I started this week with a strong determination and reserve, that I am going to stick to the diet to the T. With supplements in hand, I have absolutely no excuse to falter. The scale must go down everyday even if it is by a gramme. It was PMS this week so I took the starting weight of 82kgs as my new benchmark.Obviously the water retention was gone by the time I went for the review.

I was quite shocked at the results of my review. There was good news and Bad news. The good news can be seen in the figures here below:

aUG rEVIEW.jpg


From the above, it can be noted, compared to last month’s review::

  • Weight up DOWN by  3.3Kgs
  • BMI up DOWN by 1.6
  • Body Fat DOWN by 1.2%
  • Water Intake UP by 0.9% (there is an error there, should read 50 and not 40)
  • Body Muscle UP  by 0.3%

I was elated by this review. I think this has been the best review by far.

However, the bad news is that I have to achieve my target by October. And then no matter where I stand with my weight I get taken off the programme with a Re-feed programm in place.

Goals for the NEXT TWO MONTHS:

  • Lose at least 5 – 8Kgs between August and September
  • Lose the remaining 5 – 8Kgs between September and October
  • STAY OFF all Junk, even on the weekends
  • Eat 6 small meals a day
  • Continue with Fruits
  • Increase water intake (already at 3lts)
  • Maintain energy levels and Kick -ass (in terms of activity)


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