Review: 6 – 12 August… Honest Truths…

The week started off on a good note with the trip being a success. The cold is back. Its the final leg of the cold season so we can expect the worst.

Tennis on Saturday was Pathetic again. I was sore from Wednesday’s torturous workout and I was also stressed about the up-coming trip. Spent the rest of the morning indoors watching movies, clad in a blanket.

I was both excited and nervous about the Hell’s Gate trip on Sunday, but it turned out well. Just a small glitch came up, which I did not anticipate, but then the aim was not to disappoint those we were with us, and we managed to complete 16kms of walking in good time. However, I was a tad disappointed. I’ve heard sooo much about Hell’s Gate, but it wasn’t all that. The walk through the National Park (with wildlife just a few yards away was enchanting), but the Gorge was not what I was expecting. I think because it was wet and slippery and there were quite a bit of people there, so I didn’t really get that much of a feel for it. Well, at least that’s one thing off my bucket list.

As usual, after a strenuous walk the day before, I took it easy on Monday. I found a long lost buddy from Australia while browsing Face Book and it was great re-connecting with her. I did a bit of Job hunting – went through references and sent my CV out to a couple of organizations. Let’s see what come’s up. I have decided that if the pay is decent, regardless of the location, I’ll just take it. Been too long a wait now. I went for Yoga in the evening, but not before I had to deal with a puncture. Did you know that a “tubeless” tyre doesn’t need a patch? They just ram a piece of runner into the hole and fix the puncture? Well, I didn’t till Monday. Strange.

It seems like this week is all about Catching up with long lost pals. Met another friend from school for coffee on Tuesday. It was nice sitting down with her and catching up. I always believe that when you meet people there is always something that you will learn from them. This time it was different. My friend had a personal problem, something similar to what I had gone through, and when she brought it up, it was like replaying my life before my own eyes. She was telling my story but in her words. So this time, I had something to offer her, instead of the other way round. You never know, which part of our stories hold keys for other people and impact them in one way or another.

I am actually looking forward to the “Boot Camps” on Wednesdays. I am actually pushing limits with my body as I have been L.A.Z.Y for much too long now. However, my Tennis is going terribly. I am worse off than I started. I applied for more jobs today. And I realized that I now prefer to work with non-corporate organizations. Let’s see how that goes about.

The weather in Nairobi has taken a turn for the worst. All week it has been cold and gloomy and today, Thursday, was just the perfect day to sleep in. But of course that can’t happen as it is also the day that mum and I leave in the morning to run errands. I received another rejection for a job that I applied for. Sometimes they say that I’m overqualified for the positions and will let me know if something viable opens up. I don’t get that. When I apply for a job, I do it knowing full well, I can add value to the position with my expertise and skills. I know its a position that’s not matched to my qualifications, but I can’t exactly apply for CEO now can I? Ah well, what will come, will come. I’m just going to keep on applying.

I received a smack on my face today. I went to pick up the Supplements from the Agent’s affiliate office and was told off by the agent there. When she heard that I’d been on the programme 8 months (longer than I and anyone else had anticipated, she flipped). She told me you must be cheating your way through, because people lose up to 30kgs in 3 months and I barely managed 10 in 8! Well. That did it for me.   I am not going to be STICK A.F with myself. I just have a few more to go, and I can do it! Before December!

Friday was another chilly day in Nairobi, but I went for my walk. I am now going to be strict with my food and just eat to bring down the last 10kgs. I think my body has grown accustomed to the food. There is something that  I will have to do to break the cycle. What I don’t know. I guess the struggle continues!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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