Review: 30th July – 5th August… I HATE August :(

It seems like disaster loved to follow me around. from a lousy game of tennis, to another punch in the face, this week has been all about accepting the punches life throws at you silently. Ah well, they can’t be all good, can they. Have to have some shitty days.

I finally got to play Tennis on Saturday. It was cold, but we still played. I don’t know why but I’m actually getting worse at it. The footwork is not there, I’m too “lazy” I have no “power” and it seems I’m pushing the ball instead of hitting it. So the coach decided to put in some extra lessons for footwork, starting this Wednesday.

Being out of work now, longer than I anticipated, the Vitamin M is going low. I am really keeping a tight fist on expenditure and hence, don’t go out a lot over the weekends. Plus I have to ensure I have enough float to keep Summit Seekers running for a while until it can manage to rope in some cash.

Sunday was an unplanned walk in Karura. I much rather would have stayed in bed, but all the seekers who were going for the expedition next Sunday were coming, and I couldn’t hide. So we went for a short walk – 8km covered in 1.5 hours. What was miraculous about this walk was, remember the lady who needed rescuing a while back an Karura on the last hike, well, she was right up ahead in front of everyone. I guess the facilitator worked his magic and made her more confident. He has his way with people. The charmer.

Unfortunately, that same evening, he was once again hospitalized, and won’t be allowed out for a while. So, you know what that means right. The sigh of relief was momentary and I am back in Charge of the expedition on Sunday. Where is my life heading.

I was so put off with the events of Sunday evening that I couldn’t be bothered to work out on Monday.  I still had to confirm number, arrange logistics, and get the payments in. It was just a crazy day for me. One I much rather spend sleeping away the vagaries of life.

The YWSE Dinner was a welcomed distraction. I was the “slide lady” for the presenter, and was happy to stay behind everyone and just press the enter button to bring on the next slide. The training was on Strategic Pitching and the talk was by the founder of Hadithi. What did make my day however wa a compliment received from one of the board members, “Every time we see you you seem to have lost more weight.”

August is always a month I look forward to with trepidation. August and March/April. These month have always been life altering (more like life threatening) as there is always something that happens here, that changes the trajectory of my life.

As I had mentioned that I was waiting on a Bank job to come through, well,  they called me on Tuesday and finally let me off the hook and asked me to look for alternate employment. So there goes my hope of employment. I have the German telecom job happening in September, but I’m not going to keep all my eggs in one basket. Need to start taking this job hunting shit seriously – any pointers?

A good thing though that happened on Tuesday also, was that I JOGGED NON-STOP ON THE TREADMILL FOR 10 MINS!!!! – I will just leave that there.

Wacky Wednesday found me at the tennis court at 6.45 in the morning. We boot-camped. It was fun. I was impressed I did not die or collapse with fatigue. I then proceeded to meet an old child-hood friend for coffee (which ended up being brunch) and then went for Yoga in the evening where we practiced the split again.

Everything seemed find until Thursday when I couldn’t even sit on the toilet seat. It was a harsh reminder of my Leg Days in the gyms. It’s been so long that I had totally forgotten how the pain is like when you used muscles on your glutes and hammies that you haven’t used in a long time (make that Looooooooooooo…….oooong time!)

Eyowch! I know the anecdote for DOMS is exercise the next day, but instead I planted myself for three hours in a movie theater. Walking was a mission. What have I done! I also received news about the facilitator being shifted into Rehab today. Sad 😦

I was still dead on Friday, but instead decided to jog and see if I can still maintain the 10 mins steady pace. and surely, I did! I got a few job leads, so next week will begin with sending out CVs and contacting these leads.

Interesting weekend coming up. Let’s see how tennis is tomorrow and then the trip to Hell’s Gate – something I’m really looking forward to. I managed to work out all the logistics and have 10 people on board! Yaaay Me!!!!

Have a super weekend!



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