August Goals

Following the Month of Ramadhan, July was a slow month. It took me a while to recover my motivation to return to working out, and in the process I ended up with negative eating disporder. The FLL review was a shame, especially when I was working hard towards lowering the scales from June. However, they do say even if the scales stop moving, the body continues to change.

July saw the return to our Climb Schedule. It was both exciting and interesing especially now that Summit Seekers is gatehring momentum and people are registering for the various climbs.

The job scene has been pathetic as efforts to find anything meaningful have been futile. One sprig of hope lays in a project that kicks of in Spetember/October. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for that.

I can’t believe the year has flown by so fast. This is how I fared in July…

August Goals

What we have to look forward to this month:

  • YWSE Training & How She Does it Dinner Event – 1st August
  • Hell’s Gate Prep Hike – 7th August
  • Book Club Meeting (On Black Sisters Street) – 13th August
  • FLL July – August Review – 18th August
  • Mt. Longonot Climb – 21st August
  • Landmark International Forum – 26th August

So, stay with me!


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