Review: 23 – 29 July… It’s not always downhill

I have a funny life. If compared to a roller coaster, It would not be short of the Gouderix in France! On Friday evening I received a call from the facilitator from his hospital bed. Following a short visit soon after the call, he had decided that he will come for the climb on Sunday. He was convinced that physically, he was in good shape, and climbing, which is his passion, would do well for  his nerves.

So, a little relaxed on Saturday, we managed a fair game of Tennis. My strength is still waning, but I was not as bad as I was last week. I cut the day short due to the upcoming climb. Still it was a day filled with family fracas that took a while to sort out, and it wasn’t till late in the evening that I managed to get home and prepare for the next day.

And it’s all System’s GO! With Summit Seekers presenting their first climb on Sunday, it was an incredible day from start to end. The pick-up, the delays, the trill on the road, almost getting stuck. The hike, the Summit. It was all superb.  Having the facilitator was a huge blessing, as he was able to encourage the first-timers.

I skipped my workout on Monday due to the aches on my calves, but still showed up for Yoga. It was a pleasant reprise to my aching calves. The stretches helped and it was nice to notice people had already checked out the photos on FaceBook.

With the weather changing, and the sun blazing to full glory, I made the audacious mistake of going swimming on Tuesday around 10.30am. I managed to clock in my 30 laps and swam 10 straight free lengths, but by the time I came out of the pool, I was obviously 50 shades darker! I don’t know if I mentioned this but I am on mashed food. It’s going great. I am enjoying eating pulp when hunger strikes (which is rare these days). I manged to down a dozen chicken lollipops alongside some Indian bread and was done for the day.

The heat is unbearable now, and because my workout scheduled time comes slap bank in the middle of the day, I had to skip my workout on Wednesday morning. Thank goodness we had Yoga in the evening, and even better I conserved my energy for what lay in store during the class – SPLITS. Yes, because we were only 3 upper-tier students present, she decided to turn it up a notch, and we were attempting things we never knew our bodies were capable of. I managed on my second attempt (the throw-yourself-on-your bum asana), not fully though, and it was assisted. I miss my Tuesday Yoga sessions  – Muslimyogini, where are thou???

Thursday was a quiet day. Still too sunny in Sunny Nairobi. As was Friday. I managed a 5KM walk on Friday in the blistering heat and then ended up with a throbbing headache for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening, we had to go to the mosque for a function, and I was greeted with a pleasant serving of my favourite “Khichro(mashed bulghur, lentil and meat dish).

Looking forward to playing tennis tomorrow. I can feel my strength return this week inspite of being on mashed food, and barely working out.

On Sunday we have an impromptu hike at Karura Forest and already 4 people have volunteered to come along.

So, lets see how that goes!

Enjoy your weekend!



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