YWSE July Dinner: No Training & Farewell to Natalie

The Israeli head of state was visiting Nairobi so due to the road closures, the traffic was awful.

Aside from the trainer, Jennifer Cotter, who managed to show up on time, we only had one member making it for the training, and 7 other people (including 4 members) showing up by dinner. So the training was postponed to another date.

Natalie Grant Logan is one of the founding members of the YWSE Nairobi Chapter. She started the Nairobi Chapter in 2012 along with Racael Zedek, another beautiful soul, who left in December 2015 to work in Thailand.

Her Profile on the YWSE Website say’s this about her:

“Natalie is a geek, artist and intrapreneur. She loves using her analytical skills to discover creative solutions for start-ups: whether it’s a whole new venture or a business unit within an established organization. She has over 11 years of international development experience, working in Europe, Central Asia and East Africa. Her areas of expertise range from good governance and WASH to housing, finance structure and management.

Natalie holds an MBA in International Organizations from the University of Geneva and an MA in Psychology from the University of St Andrews. She is currently studying Development and Economics with the University of London, while consulting a variety of women-led social enterprises. In her spare time after work and raising two young kids, Natalie learns Swahili, fences with her husband, paints and plays bass guitar.”

To me, Natalie was like magic from the moment I met her. I had never met someone with such a predominant Scottish Accent, and her sense of humour can know the wind out of anyone. Natalie has a way of bringing humour to the most dire of situations, and she always turns a problem into an opportunity with her positive attitude.

She was always encouraging of my ideas, and she was the first one to actually congratulate me when I quit my job!

I will definitely miss her during our board meetings. And she has the most adorable kids whom she also addresses with her satirical humor.

For her farewell speech, Nats, (what we fondly call her) decided to give us four tips that she lives by, and wanted to share with us.

Her first pointer was, Compassion with Self. Don’t get too hard with yourself. Allow yourself to fail and know that one failure, or even two do not define you. So, be kind to yourself. Don’t be too rigid with routines and regimes and let your goalposts change according to your time in life.

Her second pointer was the “Plus 1 Minus 1” rule. In case you messed up with something during the day, make up for it by doing something good/better in the rest of the day.

For her third tip she emphasized on the importance of identifying a “Ride and Die team“. this is also mentioned in Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes! Have a select few (or one) whom you can count on in any situation to be there with you.

And lastly, Live a Full Life! Have no Regrets! I personally live by this motto!

Natalie, we wish you well on your new endeavor and hope to see you back in Kenya again.

I’ve “stolen” your Profile picture of your kids, because they represent exactly what you are. When I see that picture all of Natalie comes to mind!

I will forever remember the words that you had for me at the farewell dinner, and will live life by them.

Much love and light!


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