Review: 16 – 22 July…Mayhem

This was one of those weeks where you just don;t know what you are doing. To make it worse, it was leak week, and that just did not help. Anyhow, I made it through. This is how it went…

Rude and painful awakening at on Saturday Morning, announcing start of leak week. Obviously had to cancel Tennis because the cramps were too much to deal with (yes, I’m growing old, and I can no longer be all macho and who cares what George thinks!)

It was a horrible Saturday, painful and colder than ever, and all I wanted to do was crawl  under the sheets and wake up on Monday.

But no! Sunday comes before Monday and I had SEVEN people show up for the Prep-Hike, with no Facilitator (who by the way is  in hospital, NO- Not a mental asylum, just under watched care). Three of the Seven troopers were fit and made a sprinting start. The rest of Us, well. What can I say, I really think it’s the best time to let out a “IDKWTFID” (I shall let you, dear readers, figure that one out – winner gets a FREE Summit Seekers Tee!)

I expected the walk to be long…..but it was Never Ending! We got lost, one of the ladies was at the brink of tears (because she has never walked so much, and was in pain) and I honestly wanted to die. 8.32KM later, we finally managed to find the Gate, and Called for assistance to help the lady get to the Car.

When I called the other three members, they finished 2 hours earlier! Ah well. Let’s see what Sunday 24th has in store for us.

In spite of being in absolute pain, I still managed a meager walk on Monday. If I am going to be leading this mission, I have to be in my best shape (I cannot do anything about my lousy and poor sense of direction for now, and thank God, we shall not be visiting this bloody train till October! – Plenty of time to go and get lost there myself as I figure out the trails, or hope my Partner recovers and gets back on board!)

It’s Tuesday. Nervousness and Emotional Breakdown are what I see happening closer to Sunday. We have another problem. Minimum numbers not being met – if i don’t get 8 arses (sorry!) on that vat to the Olesekut Climb on Sunday – I’m doomed! I’m a failure for life and the Blind Kids at Kilimanjaro Blind Trust will not get their Donation (Which reminds me, I need to tell you- STILL – about Summit Seekers and its mission)

On Wednesday I was seriously looking for a distraction to keep me sane.  I read our Book club selection and spent the day with friend after a walk at club. We went to a Sikh Temple (she is a Sikh) for lunch and I downed the most delicious pure vegetarian food – I loved it. And it did well for my stomach too. I have to review Sunday’s trip tomorrow. Will have a word with the agent.

By  Thursday Afternoon, I had organized vehicle and spoke to guides on the ground myself. Yes!!! I feel like a super trooper. So true when you take control of your mind (fears) the chaos will happen around you and not to you. Now I just have  to get in payments. (I will have to pay a fraction of the cost from my pocket, but that is ok, as long as this gets off the ground).  The FLL Review was bad. Everything is up in numbers and I am now on mashed food to combat the lack of appetite.

I woke up on Friday with a headache. I went for a swim later in the day trying to cool my mind. I don’t know how I will manage to take people up a mountain all by myself. Well, I guess we shall have to wait and see.

I have tennis tomorrow and then Sunday…..if you don’t hear from me ever again – do know this – I love you!


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