FLL Review: June – July 2016

Last month we saw a little progress in the weight shift, but the change in BMI and Body Fat percentage was remarkable. The goals for this month was to push the figures further and obtain a larger marginal weight loss.

Week 1 (16 – 23  June): Plagued with PMS and a cold, I started turning towards carbs for comfort (in moderation). The Scale tipped upwards and we were back in the 80’s where we remained for the rest of the week. The freezing temperatures and random rains meant an abandoned workout regime. Even Yoga practice was irregular. I have three weeks to step up my game.

Week 2 (24 – 30 June): This is the second last week of Ramadhan. This year, Ramadhan has been tough on the body, and my workouts are almost out of the window. It is just too cold to leave the house (maybe I feel more cold with low food intake) and the night vigils mean I sleep in more than usual. Yoga has helped from making me stiffen up all together. Have been frequenting the mosque to break fast, and appetite is minimal, so even though we get served carbs and curry, I’m not eating that much.

Week 3 (1 – 7 July):  The last week of Ramadhan is usually the toughest. The body has given up on food, so you survive on minimum resources, and the anticipation of Eid makes the last few fasts seem never-ending. I have let gone of weighing myself daily, and so as per my last weigh-in, I was still in the 80’s. I have also not worked out at all this week. If there is anything that I am eating, it is Carbs. With lowered water intake, low appetite and lack of sleep, it is all that is keeping me going. The scale seems to have stagnated, but the body is changing. I had no clothes to wear for the YWSE dinner, and what I did wear just hung on me.

Week 4 (8 – 16 July): Eid has come and gone, but my appetite has not yet returned. I have a week and few days to the next review, and I need to speed up my metabolism. But it is difficult to “remind” the body that it can now eat, and it should. I still have very long food gaps, the energy is at an all time low, and even water intake seems to have dwindled. I find myself sleeping more, and it is a real bother to get out of bed and workout. I have developed a new appetite for chocolates. I have not weighed myself in two weeks. I know the news will not be good.

Bonus Week (17 – 21 July): Call it a stroke of luck, or miscommunication, but my review was pushed back  another week. But no luck. I am afraid I am expecting the worst, because everything is wrong. Eating habits (3 meals a day instead of 6, lower food consumption, poor food choices) are out of whack. My bones are all aching. I look drained and aged, with my complexion darkened. And, the weight has gone up by almost 3 kg.

My review today confirmed that because of lack of food intake, body is storing fat as defense mechanism and the loss of weight is what is causing the bones to pain (especially the spine).

The loss of appetite (at this point I cannot go near a piece of meat – chicken, fish, turkey or beef). And eating a solid vegetable makes my stomach churn. I am surviving on crackers with mozzarella and oregano.

We need to get my appetite back and eating to par. The agent laid out the following measures to achieve this over the next couple of weeks:

  • Pureed food – increase quantity of vegetables, add a bit of protein (if desired) and puree the food.
  • Increase intake of fruits and variety (except bananas) – eat as much as I want and eat to my heart’s desire.
  • Keep away from Sugar
  • Increase water intake.

This has to go one until my food appetite returns. Also, further WEIGHT GAIN is expected until eating returns to normal.

So, by far, the worse review ever, with weight and everything else going up instead of down. Here is how I fared:


From the above, it can be noted, compared to last month’s review::

  • Weight up by 2.6Kgs
  • BMI up by 1
  • Body Fat up by 0.5%
  • Water Intake down by 0.4%
  • Body Muscle down by 1%

So everything was off target this month.

Goals before next Month’s review:

  • Lower ALL values
  • Return to normal eating
  • STOP consumption of all carbs and Sweets (guilty!)
  • Increase fruit intake
  • Increase water intake
  • Maintain energy levels and Kick -ass (in terms of activity)

Let’s finish Strong! 



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