Know your Mountain: The Extraordinary Beauty of Mt. Kilimanjaro


In the north-east of Tanzania in the middle of the desert plain is the highest point in Africa. A dormant volcano covered with white snow which impressively glisters in the rays of the sun, hence earning the name Kilimanjaro which in Swahili means “Shining Mountain”.

In ancient times, the local tribes inhabiting this area were certain that the mountain was covered in silver. But nobody dare check these assumption as legend had it that the mountain treasures were guarded by evil spirits that lived on top of Kilimanjaro.

Inquisitive, the local chief sent a small detachment of the bravest warriors to conquer the mysterious mountain. Upon arrival, they immediately took to investigating the silver lying everywhere, but to everyone’s surprise, the silver immediately melted in their hands.

On the shining mountain there was nothing other than cold and ice. And so the natives gave the mountain a new name: Abode of Cold God.

Until today it has survived many legends including one where the weather conditions are associated with moods of the evil spirits that live on the mountain.

The beauty of the peaks of Kilimanjaro an bee seen from miles around the surrounding Tanzanian and Kenyan Savannah. It outlines are gentle slopes, rising to an oblong, flat top, which is actually a giant 2-kilometer caldera.


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