Review: 9 – 15 July… My Dilemma

I think this was one of (because I have had several weeks in the year that I just wish never happened) the most stressful week of my life. We had an unexpected fall out with the Co-founder of Summit Seekers (hope you are following the mini-updates on those). I am now solely in charge of the entire outfit, and that means taking people on hikes as well. It was PMS week, so coupled with the stress from Summit Seekers, I snapped at a few people with whom I lost my patience. My eating is all out of whack. It’s carb, junk and chocolate galore, but the weight is stagnant, which is good. The weather is Cooooooold… Oh! But I do have some good news towards the end of the week…

 I did manage to show up for Tennis on Saturday, armed with Zinc. It was not a bad game. Later in the afternoon I had my Book-Club Review. The cozy setting at Le Palanka was ideal with the current weather conditions that we have been experiencing, and the Fire in the evening added an extra after-glow to the ambience. And It was on this evening that all hell broke lose and I was left with the entire responsibility for Summit Seekers.

Having not slept a wink the previous night, I was a wreak going on Sunday Morning. We had our first Prep Walk at 7am and I was all alone. Honestly, it’s my hike buddy who usually leads these. I obviously got lost (thank god only 2 people showed up and luckily I found a trail that took us out sooner than we anticipated, though we did miss our the caves and waterfalls). I wished I had paid more attention to the trails on previous hikes with him, rather than admiring nature. Anyway, we made it out alive in 2 hours, 5km later. Minus the waterfall!

I was still dealing with the aftermath of Sunday’s event with my co-founder (because the nature of the altercation is kind of personal, I do not wish to delve into details about it at this point. But, he suffers from Personality Disorder, and Depression, and it struck on Saturday Night) So, he is basically not in a state to do anything, and I can’t let these people down. Anyway, I couldn’t do much today in terms of working out on Monday, except go for yoga in the evening. I spent the better part of the day planing and re-planning the entire schedule for Summit Seekers. How will I ever manage!

I had to skip my workout again on Tuesday, due to an informal interview. It went well, I shall know more about the position and role next week, so will divulge more details then. I took my aunt who is migrating to Canada to Garissa Lodge – a Somali dominated area where one can buy everything from Gold to Guns in hidden outlets. It was a massive walk from where the taxi dropped us to the Shopping Center band back, so I guess I managed to cover up for the lack of workout in the morning.

The temperatures are now as low as 10 degrees now. Yet I was bold enough to attempt a swim on Wednesday morning. I got 35 laps in 45 minutes. not bad I’d say especially after a month-long break. Yoga in the evening was amazing. I usually send a “thank you” message to the instructor after every class, and she acknowledged and praised me in front of the whole class. Was so proud of myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed my workout on Thursay! But as Sunday draws closer, I can’t help but stress over how am I going to manage another bunch of people for our second prep hike. This time we have at least 5 people registered. Maybe I should go over on Friday and scale the trails so we do not get lost. Why am I even doing this!

I ordered a treadmill for mum and that came in on Friday morning. So again, had to skip my workout, but managed to get in 15 minute walk on the mill. I received a call from the bank, and it looks like that will also come through, but on a short-term part-time contract. God is Merciful! Alhamdulillah!

So, that was my week. I am one day short of Sunday to hope for a miracle! I’m on my knees praying!



8 thoughts on “Review: 9 – 15 July… My Dilemma

  1. It would have been fun had i had my partner. But i have no experience except to “manage” not to “execute”. Ah well, a new learning curve. I don’t quit. I can’t


  2. i know it is hard right now but think about why you started. do you think it is still worth it? personally i want what i do to be fun. if it is more suffering than fun then i just move on. don’t give yourself unncessary burdens.

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  3. If was an effing disaster. This sunday too… we went for the second prep with 7 people. 4 of us Got lost. One person contemplated suicide if the gates did not miraculously appear infront of her. I had to lug her around, have her abuse me and speak rudely to me because of the pain she was in, but we all made it out. Alive. 4 hours later


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