Review: 2 – 8 July: A week of Endurance…

It was one of those weeks when you just laze around hoping time will fly by effortlessly. I cannot wait till Friday, when I will be in the pool, attempting one lap! And then of course, our prep hike to karura on Sunday!

Being Saturday, I decided, why not play a game of Tennis. I went well equipped with my doze of Zinc. It wasn’t a bad game. I survived. Another night of breaking fast at the mosque. God, I cannot stand food any more!

Sunday, was sleep-in day, until evening, when we went to the mosque again to break fast. Being the last weekend of Ramadhan, we decided to stay back for “Club night” an social amalgamation of food and sports at the club grounds. I had a two-round (1km) walk with my Gran! Proud of her to be able to walk (fast) at that age, and she still wanted to do some more but then we got side-traced by some ladies who started making small talk, and we left soon after.

I had no energy to wake up on Monday. I could have stayed in bed all day if it was not not the chocolates that I had to pick up and the YWSE Dinner. For the first time in history, the Dinner was a flop. traffic was so bad, due to the Israeli PM’s state visit, that hardly 5 women showed up. Well, at least out out-going Board Member, Natalie, was able to make it and she gave her fare-well speech. The chocolates (my gesture to the women as an eid celebration) were well received and there was plenty to go around with just 5 women at hand (and 25 pieces laid out in anticipation).

 Tuesday just HAD to be the last day of fasting. There is already confusion and disagreement among the local Muslim communities that it cannot be Eid tomorrow because of blah blah blah! I don’t care. I’m making this my last fast. There was no news until evening. MumZee and I decided to head out to the mall to get groceries and break fast there. I could barely walk. Thankfully, minutes before I broke my fast, Eid was announced for tomorrow, Wednesday, but the public holiday would be on Thursday. I celebrated my last fast with a bucket full of KFC wings, large family fries, a massive tub of slaw and a choco sunday!!!!  Yum yum! Let’s celebrate.

So the Eid-ul-Fitr prayers were held on Wednesday. Eid Mubarak Everyone!!!! Traditionally, if you have a normal family, you go for your prayers, come home and then go visit your relatives. And then wait for all to come over today or the next day to visit you in return. Since I come from a dysfunctional family, I simply went for my prayers, came back home (past mid-day due to all the traffic owing the the Israeli PM’s visit) and went straight to bed! I was exhausted. One cannot imagine the level of exhaustion the body experiences after 30 whole days of fasting. I’ve never experienced it before. But I guess age and the FLL are factors to my experience this year. I made it a point to go for yoga in the evening and gave out home made chocolates there too. Everyone loves them and the gesture was much appreciated.

I mentioned “Chocolates” on Monday too. A friend has started making these from home “Sweet Remembrances” so instead of giving out sweetmeats this year, I decided to give out a box of these amazing treats to my friends. 

Thursday, was declared the official Eid Holiday. Again tradition has it (boy, have I broken these this year!) that the entire community rocks up at the mosque for a tasty lunch (Biriyani!!!!). I slept till mid day and them Mumzee and I were off for a much awaited Bollywood flick, “Sultan” Dinner after that at an Italian Restaurant. Nothing much to do after that. The mind is still on “Fast-Mode” so I am yet to go back to my eating habits.

I was back at the club on Friday for my  walks. I  decided against swimming as tomorrow is Tennis and I didn’t want sore shoulders just yet. Instead. I ran. Well jogged but pushed myself. I discovered a new method of running: zig-zagging!!! It helped keep me focused and not panic. So i reached my 5km mark and also sprinted for 100mts. it was exhilarating!!!!!

Exciting weekend coming up. I have Tennis tomorrow and our book club review. I read the book eons ago and skimmed through it in less than 3 days so I could recall the plot and story line. Am looking forward yo our group discussion tomorrow.

On Sunday we have our first climb prep at Karura! Lets do this


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