Summit Seekers Updates: T-Shirts and Water Bottles

Since we will be climbing for charity, we have identified two methods of raising funds. One is through the sale of T-shirts and the other is though online fundraising.


I got the T-shirt designs finalized. Simple reproduction of our logo (designed by yours truly) and the choice of T-shirt, among many will remain, Navy Blue. Why because it matches the logo and just brings out the print better.

We were thinking of finding a sponsor who would help meet the cost of the t-shirts, and we did manage to secure one. Unfortunately, the sponsor wanted their logo to go in the front, and  Summit Seekers at the back. This made absolutely no sense to us, and before we had a chance to discuss further option, they backed out. So we shall be going solo and self-funding the T-shirts.

Water Bottle

Another idea I had (not for raising funds or charity) was to give participants branded bottles of water with the Summit Seekers labels going above the water bottle labels. We are still in the process of sourcing water from distributors, and getting the product design finalized. Will update on this later.


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