June Review: 25th June – 2nd July

This was the last week of Ramadhan and there were lots of late nights at mosque. Due to the sleep deprivation, I experienced a couple of dizzy-spells during the week. Plus, during this time of Ramadhan (the last leg) my appetite is almost non-existent. Water intake had reduced a little, as during night vigils at the mosque, I tend to shy away from using the bathrooms there. Weight has remained stagnant throughout.

Since I was up all night for the Night Vigil, I had to cancel tennis on Saturday morning. I slept in all day and was back at the mosque to open my fast.

I cannot recall much of what I did on Sunday. Time seems to go very slow, and there is either of these two things that one can do: Sleep and Sleep. So I guess it must have been one of the two. Again, in the evening, we were back in the mosque for another night of Vigil.

Inspite of coming home at the wee hours in the morning, I managed to get a workout done on Monday. The temperatures are really cold and gloomy. Energy levels are at an all time low. I know I have mentioned this before, but I have been at my weakest ever. Yoga was cancelled in the evening.

The sun was out on Tuesday morning, and I went out again for a walk. This was the first time that it hit me – the vertigo. I was just doing my stretches after my 3.8km walk, and suddenly everything around me was a buzz. I sat down for a bit and waited for the feeling to pass before I went back home. Again it was a late night at the mosque.

Having stayed up all night, literally, I gave my workout on Wednesday a miss. The last couple of days of the fast can be taxing for me, because with no appetite one feels completely wasted. Plus, at this point, I have thrown all caution to the wind and eat a little of whatever I get, which is usually Carbs! I did go for my Yoga session in the evening, and this was the highlight of the week. My Guru could pick up on my spiritual energy, and I also managed a lotus. (painful!)

I woke up on Thursday to a beautiful sunny day, but had to skip my workout due to weekness. This year has been the first time that I have been unable to stick to a workout routine during Ramahan. Up until last year, I had been hitting the weights at the gym, doing cardio, playing tennis. But this year, it is…. well, I should not be complaining.

It’s just that I feel I am laxing in my workouts. I met this fellow after 2.5 months. He had started walking on the track in the mornings. He is half his size now. He said he reduced his weight from 135Kgs back in April (when I last saw him) to 113Kgs now. He walks 15 rounds (7.5Km) in the morning and 45 rounds (22.5Kms) in the evening. His average time for a round is 3 minutes (thats how long it takes me to jog round the track once). Just goes to show I am nothing but plain L.A.Z.Y

Another late night at mosque (this time it was breaking fast on Thursday evening) meant waking up late and skipping my workout. Being the last Friday of Ramadhan, I made an effort to go to the mosque for the congregation prayers. The afternoon was relaxed, one after many, and since we had no plans for the evening, I could look forward to my game of tennis in the morning.

I have not bothered to weigh myself, and mum has nicked my scale. We are both competing about who loses the most, but she has resorted to unhealthy starvation method. She is stubborn, like me, so let her be.

Let us see what next week brings in.









8 thoughts on “June Review: 25th June – 2nd July

  1. thanks, mainly it is about not getting frustrated and being content with what is left that i can do, which is not much, but we will see. i am excited. plus if it all fails there is always food and boracay. should be fun.

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  2. Yes. Thank God. I always say a silent prayer for everyhing that I put my body through. Get well soon hun… and get back to being ur best… the world waits alongside me to receive your greatness…. so shine on babe!!!!


  3. thanks, you are the sweetest. i am recovering. focusing all efforts to get ready. i will live in legacy again, in a few weeks. hopefully the wrists will hold. nvm that guy. it is different for everyone. bodies are unique that way. the important thing is to keep going! especially that your body is cooperating with you and not getting injured. that alone is an achievement.

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  4. Darling…. you have been quiet. My days have been miserable without your glorious posts that transport me instantly to those sunny beaches and place before me tempting treats…. where have you been??? All well??

    Literally laying down on my bed since 12noon ( now 3.30pm) waiting for 6.48pm to arrive…. its the last fast today. And then sleep…

    Yes, I understand. But why does it have to be that way. That bugger only started walking and taking his health seriously in April… I have been at it since forever, and you have witnessed the level of progress or lack thereof.. why!!!!


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