Summit Seekers: Climbing for a Cause…

How Summit Seekers Came about

Since I managed to reach the top of Mount Longonot last year, climbing has become my new passion. I always keep setting targets for myself, and Mt. Kenya has always been on the top of my Bucket List. But I decided to push the bar further, and make Mt. Kilimanjaro my new summit. My Climbing buddy, Lunz,  felt equally passionate about this, and we decided to start preparing for the Summit in advance.

Our first installment was the Kilimambogo Hike  in May 2016, followed by Mt. Longonot, once again in June, where we invited a friends to join us. It was soon after this climb that we started to put together a series of climbs to prepare us for the Summit in February, 2017. But that was not where it ended.

While discussing the climb schedules, Lunz brought up how he came across the director of the Young Muslim Association and how they are looking for funding for the orphans. We both decided to do our fair bit of contributions in the Month of Ramadhan and sponsor an Orphan each.

At home, I had a look at their website, and saw the incredible work that they are doing. They have a couple of projects that are underway, and have listed future projects that they wish to complete. Among the ongoing project is the building of a residential complex which will generate monthly income to run the center.

So, on an ordinary day in June, an extraordinary idea was born. Why not combine our love for climbing with a cause. Why not bring together people with a similar passion, and bring them on board a fund-raiser that will be fun, challenging and fulfilling at the same time? Why not get people to get up and get moving and explore the beauty of Kenya, while at the same time change the world one adventure at a time?

And so, on the 6th of June, 2016, Summit Seekers, an NGO was born!

Registration and The Charities

We are still in the process of registering the NGO and bringing the Charities (yes, we are also speaking with Kilimanjaro Blind Trust to come on board) and we have to open Bank Accounts and Online fund-raising account. But all that is underway.

Social Media

I have just finished setting up the Social Media Channels (Click here to be part of our Facebook Page and be part of the action). You can also follow us on Instagram as summetseekers.cfac

List of Climbs

We have identified mountains, tails and hikes that we could do, and singles them out to come up with a Climb Schedule, with dates set and cost determined.

We have already done these independently.

1. Kilimambogo
2. Karura ( prep)
3. Longonot

This will be the list of climbs under Summit Seekers for 2016 – 2017

  1. Karura Forest Prep Hike I – 10th July
  2. Karura Forest Prep Hike II – 17th July
  3. Mt. Olesekut – 24th July
  4. Hell’s Gate Prep Hike – 7th August
  5. Mt. Olorgesailie – 21st August
  6. Ngong Hils Prep Hike – 11th September
  7. Sleeping Warrior Climb – 25th September
  8. Karura Forest Prep Hike – 16th October
  9. Kijabe Hills Climb – 23rd October
  10. Karura Forest Prep Hike – 13th November
  11. Aberdares Kinangop Peak Climb – 19th November
  12. Ngong Hills Prep Hike – 4th December
  13. Mt. Kenya Climb – 8th December
  14. Ngong Hills Prep Hike – 15th January 2017
  15. Kipipiri Climb – 22nd January, 2017
  16. Ol Donyo Sabuk Prep Climb – 5th February 2017
  17. Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – 17th February, 2017
What to look forward to
  • Fundraising T-Shirts are in print. Hope to receive them early next week.
  • Customized water bottles with Summit Seekers Labels
  • Registration of Summit Seekers
  • Registration of Online Fund-Raising Channel
  • Tweaking up our Profile
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Design
  • Looking for Sponsors
  • Exciting Blogs on the Climbs
  • Regular updates on processes, and development of Summit Seekers

So, keep it locked right here!

Because I have absolutely no idea on how an NGO operates, if any of you reading this can offer insights, please email me on



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