My Year 2016 : Part 1…

What and Amazing year it has been. Here is what it’s like thus far:

Year 1


The New Year was ushered in with the closing of a fabulous vacation in Thailand. It was spectacular experiencing the Thai culture first had and the food was mind-blowing. I also started off the FLL programme for my Weightloss and Hormone Imbalance. I started my love affair with Yoga this year, and must say I’m hooked head over heals with it. I settled into my role as Board member for YWSE, Training Facilitator.


My love for reading was restored with signing up with a Book Club. I recall our first Book Club Selection being Shonda Rhime’s Year of Yes! My love for writing took a leap this year when I was asked to become an editor for the Al-Jawab Online Magazine, a community project. My workout regime took a drastic change when I quit the gym and started instead to workout on the track, swim and do Yoga. The tennis is still going strong and I am loving it


Highlight of the month was of course my birthday, celebrated with my mother. It was also the month where I made a conscious decision to take things into the wild started with a beautiful trek in Karura Forest. I was introduced to a new genre of Books through the book club selection of Leymah, Gwobee’s Mighty be our Powers


A shift in career, I quit my job and started working on a number of voluntary projects. I started Life Coach Transformation sessions and we had our first Book Club meet and greet this month. Interesting Job offers were coming along, and through them I managed to realize my value and capabilities.


A very interesting month, this was. It was the month where an idea was conceived – to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. The first of the training hikes to Ol Donyo Sabuk took place in May. I attended my first tree planting event in Karura and signed up as a volunteer for the Who is Hussain Nairobi network. Mother’s Day was celebrated with my lovelies Mum and Gran, and I visited a beautiful nature trail at Oloolua.  It was also the month I took up a Voluntary position with the American Embassy, assisting them in their Out-reach programme. My favourite Eat, Pray, Love was the Book Club’s Selection of the month.


This year Ramadhan fell in the middle of the month. It was as well a good thing because June is usually winter for us, and the days were cooler. This is one of the most milestone months of the year. I managed to get a couple of friends to join us to the Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit training and we had a wonderful trek in Karura followed by an EASY climb up mount Longonot. Remember I mentioned an idea was conceptualized in April, well, that idea gave birth to My Social Enterprise, Summit Seekers (spoiler alert). We shall now be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in February, but with a cause. I wore my first ever jump suit in June, reached my lowest weight ever so far, and volunteered at the Who is Hussain Global Iftar during Ramadhan. I also had the chance to attend this year’s International Yoga Day celebration and be part of the 7,600 people who attended the event. And although I was unable to read it this month, the Book Club selection was yet again an inspiring book, The Alchemist. 

So that my lovelies has been my year so far. It has been one full of Challenges and Personal growth. I said yes to a lot of things that were before, out of my comfort zone, and they have brought be nothing but immense pleasure. I also said Yes to NO! Quitting my job was one of them, and although is still remain “technically” unemployed, I have learnt to put myself to good use focusing my time on doing things I love to do – volunteering. Being unemployed has taught me to be patient with myself and trust the process, that whatever is meant to happen will unfold in its own time. I have taken my workouts more seriously, and pushed myself further and further each day – don’t be mistake, there is still a long way to go!

Where I stand with the Goals I set at the Beginning of the Year

Checking with the goals that I had set our for myself at the beginning of the year, this is where I am at:


  • Start YOGADONE!
  • Take Tennis more SeriouslyDONE! but not quite there yet
  • Re-do Gym PlanNO GYM. 100% NATURE
  • Mt. KenyaSCHEDULED FOR DEC 2016
  • Karura ForestREGULAR with OTHER HIKES
  • 5KI can WALK it! Working on RUNNING it! 
  • Travelnothing definite


  • Strict with FLL– NO! I have a hard time being 100% committed to anything (99.9%)
  • Lose 20Kgs by March20KG March target, not met. i guess it will be SLOW and STEADY for me
  • Insulin Resistant & PCOS Free – Need to Get myself Tested for Insulin Resistance, but thing PCOS might be under control


  • Pay-off VISA Still at it
  • Save – Going well, in spite of loss of income in April, 2016.

Personal Development

  • Learn something new – Life Coaching, Landmark Forum in August, registered for course starting in Sept,
  • Read More Books – Joined a BOOK CLUB
  • Develop Blog Further – Have reached 100 posts in June!


  • Keep in touch with Friends and go out more –definitely met a whole new world of people, locally and across the sea. It’s amazing
  • YWSE performance as Board Member – I managed to bring in trainers every month that were able to impart skills that were of use to our members. Stuck with the policy of keeping things different.


  • Prayers & Duas,  Mosque attendance, Lectures, Religious Books – All happened in Ramadhan, although it should be a year-long practice


  • Spend more and do more with Mum – yes, been doing things with her.


  • Bank Al-Habib – This is still in the Pipeline (6 months later)
  • Other on Side – Started Summit Seekers and began a coffee venture (research stage).


He he he!  No time for this, I’m chasing bigger things in life. Let’s see how long it takes to catch up with me!

What I have to Look forward to in the Second Half of 2016

Although, life is unpredictable and full of surprises, here are a few things that I have set up for my self this year. There is no saying what life has in store, for we plan, but God executes.

  • Job Hunt if Bank Al-Habib does not come through by mid-month
  • Prep climbs for Mt. Kenya in Dec
  • LandMark Forum
  • Social Entrepreneur Online Course
  • Vipasana (tentative)
  • Summit Seekers with and Kilimanjaro Blind Trust

Here is to an even more exiting and fun filled Second Half of 2016!



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