June Review: 18 – 25… Blessings from Heaven

This has been the worst week of the year so far. It’s cold and wet. Looks like the extreme winter for Kenya has finally arrived with all its might after sparing us the vagaries of winter last year. I guess will have to get those coats out of the closet now.

The whole of Friday night it rained, so naturally tennis on Satruday morning had to be cancelled. We spent the day indoors. There is not much to do in cold and gloomy weather here. Apart from a small get-together with friends for dinner, where yes, I binged (Hey, I’ve been fasting!!!)

Sunday was International Yoga Day. My friends and I made it to the University of Nairobi Graduation grounds, where the event was being held, and luckily we were the early birds at 7am!. It was however freezing cold, and thankfully it did not rain the night before, else we would have had a whole lot of muck and mud to deal with. The sun finally shone upon us in the middle of the programme (populated with speeches, leaving only 45 minutes for basic asanas). We did get to walk away with free Yoga mats and T-shirts and were proud to be among 7,600 attendees!

Sunday was a busy day with the Who Is Hussein Grand Iftar taking place in the evening. I was a volunteer and it was really fulfilling serving food to the less fortunate. They arrived in huge numbers. The WiH team entertained them with games and skits before the time to break fast and distributed gifts to the children who had attended.

I woke up to showers on Monday morning. So no chance of working out. The rains continued well into the evening, but we still had our Yoga Class in the evening. I have at this point, totally let gone of weighing myself, because I keep forgetting to do that first thing in the morning, and secondly, my eating is way out of whack now. I’ll be more focused after Ramadhan, promise 🙂

Again, Tuesday was a wet morning. I had no choice but to leave the house, not to workout but to return some books that I had borrowed from the American Resource Center. That was a bad experience. The guards almost ticked me off, but I remembered,  I am fasting and thus must contain my anger (Grrrrr…….)

Finally, the skies cleared up on Wednesday and I was off for my walk and stretches. Good going because the weather took a turn for the worst in the evening, and I just couldn’t make it for Yoga.

On Thursday I had an consultancy to go for. A company required their accounts to be uploaded online. So I had to skip my workout because of that. Once done I went off to run some errands for Summit Seekers (yes, more info coming soon), and ended up getting clamped. I was fined and had my car almost towed away. Again, patience and calm over anger was practiced. It was not easy, albeit.

Finally Friday. Wet and Cold. These are the last few days for Ramadhan and they will be spent breaking fast at the mosque (well, there goes my target for the 16th of July). I honestly know I have a choice of cooking my meals and taking them over, but honestly, it’s just a case of mind over matter, which is hard at the moment. I eat very little and end up feeling hungry quite early in the day. But, I will just leave it at that.

We will be going to the mosque later and there will be a whole night vigil. So I do not see myself playing tennis again tomorrow.

Ah well, we only get these nights once in a year, so, might as well make the most of it.

What are your plans for the weekend?




4 thoughts on “June Review: 18 – 25… Blessings from Heaven

  1. Well, We have three, Wet, Cold and Hot but somehow they all get amalgamated. Nairobi has the most unreliable weather. We could be in the middle of the cold season but you will wake up to a sunny day – like today – and then temperatures will change for the worst. Reading!!! I love reading – and don’t start asking me about my favourites… tooo many. What are you reading right now? I just finished Eat Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I joined a book club for a chance to discover a different genre of books and they are all about women’s lib – so this year we have so far read Year of Yes, Mighty be our Powers and EPL. Currently on The Alchemist. Head over to my book reviews to see what I thought about them. But if you looking for real good reads get paulo, Dan Brown, Steven King. Jeffrey Archer and forget it…. let’s just start with what you are currently reading 🙂


  2. we only have two seasons, wet and dry. how about in kenya? when it is wet here it does not get awfully cold. i am sure your friend is happy about going too. not doing much physically but have found time to read again so that is lovely. what is your favorite book?


  3. Good morning my dear one. And thank you for your solidarity! fortunately it stopped raining but temperatures have dropped drastically. We, in Kenya, are a sunny lot so when it get cold we feel lost. Send us some sunshine here. Yes, fre mats and thats why I dragged my friend over 1.5hours before the event so we could get the goodies because there was a limit to the first 5,000 (like we would have missed that). I am sorry about your wrist. Let it heal. Will send you some healing from our meditation in my next class. Yes. You are right and I will follow your advice. Chuck the scale. How are things with you? What have you been upto


  4. i always enjoy reading your week posts because you do so much! so is it still raining? i am kind of wanting a bit of rain here actually, soon i guess. free yoga mats sound awesome! i tried to do one session with my broken wrist. frustrating. also, maybe it is better if you do not weigh yourself every day. take the stress out!

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